RASS Noted Author Chair


The Noted Author Chair is responsible for identifying suitable candidates for the Noted Author luncheon, arranging for the author to come speak (including travel, lodging and honorarium, as necessary), and arranging the Conference luncheon. The Noted Author Chair may chose to find a corporate co-sponsor to defer the costs of the luncheon.

The Noted Author Chair will:

  • The Noted Author Chair is responsible for organizing and hosting the Noted Author Luncheon at the annual Conference.
  • The Noted Author Chair keeps the President and the Board updated on the author search and plans for the luncheon.
  • The Noted Author Chair is responsible for all publicity relating to the Noted Author Luncheon.
  • The Noted Author Chair will submit reports to the President as required by the Bylaws.

The Noted Author Chair serves a one year term.

Duties and Timeline

  • Submit tentative program proposal to Jeremy Johannesen in December 2005.
  • Look for unknown authors that have good buzz in the publishing world -- they usually come cheap. Good sources for possible authors include Baker and Taylors’ “Booking Ahead” and pre-pub review; Publisher’s Weekly pre-publication reviews, and local authors. If there are not good connections within RASS, big time authors are too expensive for the budget. Have a list of possible names – fiction or nonfiction – to present at the first post-conference Board meeting.
  • Try to meet the author or at least speak to them on the phone, see what they have to say. Try to get reviews from people who have seen them speaker, and ask the author what speaking experience they have. Make sure the author is aware book signing will take place after the luncheon.
  • Negotiate the speaking fee and hotel and travel expenses of the chosen author. RASS will cover the cost of the speaker’s lunch ticket, but if the speaker is traveling with someone or wants to invite guests, the extra tickets will be their responsibility. Also cover incidentals, such as transportation to and from the conference site.
  • When the author has been decided upon, put the contract on RASS letterhead. Detail the date, the day, the time and the place, length of presentation, subject of speech and financial details, including specifics mentioned in above point. Run the contract by the RASS president and treasurer for approval before sending to author.
  • Once the author’s contract has been approved, contact Jeremy Johannesen at the NYLA office, or use the online NYLA Leadership Manual for the following forms: 1099 tax form; check request form; room request form. Additionally, send a copy of the contract and a 1099 tax form to the speaker to fill out and return. Fill out the room and check request. Forward copies of all these to Jeremy.
  • Note the following deadlines: The audiovisual request form is due on June 30. The speaker housing request form is due on July 31. The photographer request form is due on August 31.The IRS 1099 and check request forms are due on September 15.
  • Contact Jeremy about luncheon arrangements (i.e. meal choices). Set ticket price. Figure out how many tickets you will need to sell to at least break even depending on room capacity.
  • Arrange for extra tables to be placed in the luncheon room to allow for book signing after the luncheon.
  • Talk to Galina about ordering books through the NYLA store. When setting the price for the books, do not forget to include sales tax and round the price up to the nearest dollar to make the transactions easier.
  • One month before the conference:
    • Check to make sure the room request, contract, 1099 and check request have been received by the NYLA office.
    • Decide how many tickets to hold back to sell at conference and notify Jeremy (he will provide an exact deadline)
    • Determine what VIPS we should invite – this is usually the NYLA Executive Director or the NYLA President and have the President issue an invitation.
    • Arrange for assistance at the book signing table if deemed necessary. (Remember, the Noted Author chair will be at the head table and not able to work the book table prior to remarks.)
  • One week before the conference:
    • Contact author and confirm dates, times locations, meeting place etc. Be sure to trade contact information as well – cell phone number, hotel room number, etc.
    • Verify that the President and Noted Author chair are ready to make remarks. Typically, the President welcomes everyone and gives a brief introduction of everyone at the table, and then the Noted Author chair introduces the author.Day before event:
  • Day before the event:
    • Contact author to make sure they arrived or pick them up at the airport.
    • Find out if they need anything.
  • On the day of the event:
    • DO NOT do anything but get ready for the luncheon.
    • Be prepared for eleventh hour emergencies.
    • Set up table with books for purchase, make sure you have a cashbox and change.
    • Find pens for autographs.
    • Discuss timing with author and other RASS board members involved.
    • Go over opening remarks.
    • Make sure that author is served first and so that they will be able to eat before beginning their speech.



Miriam Tuliao
November 23, 2005