RASS Director of Legislation


The Legislative Intern serves one year under the direction of the Legislation Director, learning library funding, governance and legislation issues and attending meetings in the absence of the Legislation Director. At the end of the year, the Intern assumes the duties of the Legislation Director and continues in that capacity for two years.

The Legislation Director serves a three year term, beginning at conference, the first year as Legislation Intern. The Legislation Director participates in the conference activities of both the section and the committee as needed.

Duties and timeline

  • The Legislation Director acts as liaison between the RASS Board and the NYLA Legislation Committee.
  • The Director attends all meetings of both committees (about four times a year for the Legislation Committee and 3 times a year plus conference for RASS) and reports back to the RASS Board and membership on legislative initiatives and priorities.
  • The Director writes a column in each issue of RASSmatazz on legislation issues and reports activities such as Lobby Days in Albany and Washington. DC.
  • The Director submits an activity report to the President as required by the Bylaws.
  • The Legislation Director represents the Section at NYLA Legislative Day in Albany and ALA Legislative Day in Washington, DC and is expected to meet with elected officials to discuss library programs and needs.
  • The Director maintains a Legislation binder which contains the minutes of RASS Board and Legislation Committee meetings and passes that on to the Intern at the time the Intern assumes the Director's position.
  • The Director maintains and updates the appropriate sections of the RASS Manual as needed.
  • The Director is reimbursed for the Albany and Washington Legislative Days.