RASS Conference Programmer


The Programmer is responsible for coordinating RASS programs for the annual conference. The Programmer works with Vice President and Assistant Programmer as a Conference Programming team to ensure that the programs are representative of the interests and the priorities of Reference and Adult Services. The Programmer can delegate tasks to Assistant Programmer as needed and appropriate.

The Programmer is responsible for soliciting programming ideas from past Programmer and the RASS Board.

The Programmer is responsible for coordinating the programs allocated for RASS during the annual conference.

The Programmer keeps Vice President, President, and the Board informed on progress of programming.

The Programmer serves a one year term.

Duties and Timeline

Prior to Conference:

  • Submit program proposal forms to NYLA office (November)
  • Meet with programmers of other sections to review proposals and seek input (January)
  • Discuss with RASS Board about proposals and determine appropriate selections of programs (January)
  • Submit Conference Program Request Forms (February)
  • Submit revisions to Preliminary Conference Programs to NYLA Office (June)
  • Submit Conference Audio Visual Request Forms to NYLA Office (June)
  • Submit Speaker Housing Request Forms (August)
  • Select presiders and room monitors for all programs
  • Keep presides and room monitors informed of their duties
  • Keep speakers informed of the location, time of the programs, and the quantity of handouts
  • Make sure a check – if any, is prepared for speakers prior to the program
  • Prepare Program Evaluation Forms for Room Monitors to pass to audience

During Conference:

  • Attend Conference Programmers’ meeting
  • Greet speakers, presiders, and room monitors onsite
  • Monitor programs onsite
  • Collect evaluation forms from Room Monitors
  • Present gifts (paid for by RASS) to speakers at the completion of the programs
  • Attend Conference Programmer’s review meeting


Post Conference:

  • Tally number of attendances and conference comments and pass them to the Board
  • Pass handouts on electronic forms to Web Liaison to post on RASS site
  • Pass programming ideas to the next Programmer

In the event that Assistant Programmer fails to provide sufficient and necessary assistance in a timely manner, Programmer may request a replacement of Assistant Programmer.