RASS Booth/Raffle Chair


The Booth/Raffle chair is responsible for planning for and providing a raffle basket and for organizing, designing and staffing the RASS informational booth at the annual NYLA conference.

The Booth/Raffle chair serves a one-year term.


The Booth/Raffle Chair will:

  • Choose a theme for the RASS booth
  • Notify the President and Board of booth/raffle theme, if any
  • Order RASS member giveaways
  • Acquire donations/purchases for a raffle basket
  • Create/provide raffle tickets
  • Schedule RASS members to volunteer at the booth
  • Produce all signage/displays required for the booth
  • Reserve a booth location at the convention center - through the NYLA office
  • Set up and tear down the booth at the conference
  • Keep the RASS president and Board updated on plans for the booth


  • Try not to order too many items for member giveaways. RASS membership generally remains stable at fewer than 450 members. Only a small portion of those members attend the annual conference and stop by the booth.
  • $200 is available to cover costs of printing, display, postage, etc. for the booth. Try not to use this money for raffle items, as the raffle is a fund-raiser and generally brings in only $200-$300.
  • When asking for donations for the raffle basket, many businesses require an official letter of request on RASS letterhead. I have found the best method of correspondence to be an initial letter, followed by a phone call.
  • Remember to send thank you cards to all businesses/companies that donate.
  • Acknowledge donors in signage at the booth. (For example: "RASS would like to thank the following for their contributions to the raffle basket:...")
  • Make sure you have hotel information on the raffle tickets so that the winner can be notified immediately after the drawing.
  • Drawing is generally held late afternoon on the Friday of the conference - 2pm or so.
  • Make sure that you contact the RASS treasurer and have a change fund of at least $50 available at the booth before the trade show opens. Arrangements must be made in advance.
  • Be sure to have NYLA membership applications on hand for new members who sign up at the booth.
  • Be prepared to tell prospective new members why they should join RASS.
  • The RASS booth is generally closed during the Noted Author Luncheon so that all RASS members can attend. You do not need to schedule booth coverage for that time period. You may want to provide a sign stating this fact.
  • Arrange to have several people help with booth set up and tear down.


Needed at the booth

  • Membership applications
  • List of RASS members (to verify membership for giveaway gifts)
  • Pens
  • Tape
  • Cash box
  • Money for change
  • Member giveaways
  • RASS informational brochure
  • RASS ribbons
  • RASS publications for sale
  • Signage (with price) for publications for sale
  • Schedule of times booth/trade show is open
  • Schedule of booth volunteers