RASS Awards Chair


The Awards chair is responsible for the promotion, advertising, and creation of all RASS Awards. This can include working with the President and NYLA to look for outside funding, as well as revising the criteria and eligibility for awards.

In the case of the Dewey Award, the Awards Chair will ensure that the RASS award is granted in accordance to the guidelines given by NYLA and the Lake Placid Foundation.

The Awards chair may choose, with the permission of the President, to appoint a sub-committee to assist with re-writing award guidelines as deemed needed.


Duties and Timeline

Promotion and advertising of the Awards should start within two months of the application due dates.

When all the applications have been received, the Awards chair shall prepare copies and a summary of each applicant to give to the Board. In the case that a larger number of applicants are received, the Awards Chair, with the approval of the President, can select a committee to pick the best applications to present before the Board.

The Awards chair is responsible for presenting the applications to the Board for a vote. The vote for the Continuing Education grant should include a dollar amount.

The due date for any award given for attendance to the Annual Conference should be at least two weeks before the last Board meeting proceeding the conference.

In the case of other awards, due dates should be two weeks before the next closest Board meeting.

Within one week of the Board’s decision, the Awards Chair is to contact the award winners, in writing (using RASS Letterhead) of the Board’s decision. The Award Chair may also choose to contact the applicant by e-mail as a faster means of communication.

Within one week of the winner being notified, the Awards chair shall provide the Publications Chair and the Web Liaison with the winners name, job title, institution, and other information for posting on the Web and in RassMataz.

The Awards chair should also contact NYLA HQ with the information as well, in case they want to do extra publicity.

The Awards chair will provide the Award winners with all the information they need to collect the award (instructions, forms, etc), and stay in touch with the winner to ensure the process is completed.

The Awards chair shall also serve as a liaison between the winner and the RASS Treasurer, President or NYLA HQ as necessary.

The Award chair is responsible for informing the Conference Programming chair of all Award winners since the previous NYLA conference so the Award winners can be announced at the Banquet.

The Award Chair should invite all Award winner to the Membership Meeting, where they will receive recognition.

The Award Chair shall ensure all records are turned over to the next person in office in a timely manner. Records should include award history (how it was started and why), copies of guidelines as they are changed, previous award letters, copies of award announcements, information on award winners, etc…



E-mail list-servs have proved to be the fastest and least expensive form of publicizing. In the past, publicity has been sent to list-servs such as: NYLINE; library school list-servs, Research Councils, SUNYLA, all NYLA groups (MemberClicks would be a good way of doing this now). You can also always encourage them to put notes in paper newsletters as well. You usually have to do some searching to find the newest list moderator and send the message onto them.

Although this has not been pursued before, a front page RASS Website announcement of approaching deadlines would be appropriate.

The NYLA office has a form available to announce awards through NYLA. This form can be used to gather information for any winner publicity.