NYLA Academic and Special Libraries Section

Winter Meeting/Conference Call

February 17, 2012 10:00am - 11:30am



Present: Elaine Lasda Bergman, Sheryl Knab, Blake Carver, Marcy Strong, Justin Kani, Karen Gardner-Athey, Patti McCall, Jill Dixon, Erin Rushton.


Call to Order/Introductions: 10:00am


Approval of Past Minutes from Pervious Meeting

Minutes approved pending modification of a typographical error.


President’s Report

Elaine reported on the NYLA Council Report. NYLA council voted to elect Jeremy Johannesen as interim director. NYLA’s CE classes went to a flat-fee (plus materials fee) based on attendance of course. Discussed the Membership Meeting and Reception; the Keynote not ticketed. Scholarship Bash to have miniature golf. NYLA to expand web content for 2012 NYLA conference.


Vice President’s Report

Patti reported that the conference panels were approved for the November 2012 NYLA conference. Board discussed conference panels; will need to contact Nicole Engard for possibility of doing something with emerging technology.


RASS and SMART are for joint reception.


Past President’s Report

Blake reported that he will check the NYLA election’s calendar and election process for fall.


Treasurer’s Report

Jill discussed the budget. Currently the budget does not include conference expenses. There has been a change in the budget’s fiscal year.


Budget needs to add $1500 for archives project.


There was a question regarding the Conference Booth budget. Does it come out of Membership outreach?


Committee Reports:

· Membership (Debby as emailed to Elaine): expense reports include new members. It was noted that Debby needs to be getting the list of new members that Jill is getting.


· Legislative: Jean Sent report to the board.


· Web: Board discussed the website. Justin reported that the website has a new Content Management System. Justin needs an updated list of when terms expire for the members of the board.


NY3Rs Conference

Marcy emailed Mary-Carol. Academic Librarians website should be ready for March 1, 2012 deadline. Discussed prices for Academic Librarians Conference. Academic Librarians Conference dates are June 12-13, 2012 at the Syracuse University campus. NYSHEI annual meeting will also be at this event. Board discussed panels.


Conference Booth for NYLA’s 2012 Conference

Board discussed ideas. Justin will follow-up with Mike regarding ideas.

Elaine will contact Irina about knitting donations for prizes.



It was discussed briefly if there has been any development.


Awards Committee

Patti will ask Erin, Sheryl, and Paul regarding the awards committee and will also check the time.


Meeting adjourned: 11:08am