Library Access Roundtable 

Library Acess Roundtable Log with key.

We seek to promote library communities that have a strong focus on inclusion and where barriers to access are eliminated.

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To achieve our aims, the Roundtable will work to:


  1. foster the development of the skills needed to connect with our communities so we clearly hear, and can authentically reflect an understanding of their needs, and then respond with effective resources and/or service,
  2. develop a professional network that allows us to respond with services that facilitate full engagement with all that our libraries offer,
  3. highlight library efforts that are making access real for members of library communities, and
  4. invite perspectives from the community members experiencing barriers to access.

In addition to intentional outreach to those who are not currently represented among our patrons, we understand that every person at some time needs an alternative method of access to fully use library services - from translation services or digital literacy classes, to large print materials and a separate space with accessible technology, to simple promotion of the idea that we are willing to make accommodations.

This roundtable was formerly known as RLSP (Roundtable for Library Service to Special Populations.  The purpose and name were changed by member vote in Decemeber 2015.  


2017 NYLA Conference Program:
(though not always in that order!)


Share your passion with new adult readers

Engaging Adult Developing Readers – 11/9, Thursday 4:15

DC Public Library’s book discussion for adult developing readers is now in its 26th year. Come for an overview of A Feel for Books; a discussion of the value of book discussions for lower-level readers; advice for planning and facilitating; and a list of books, stories, and other resources. Learn about a tested discussion model, A Feel for Books, directed toward lower-level adult readers; advice for planning and facilitating; and a list of books, stories, and other resources.


Marcia Harrington, DC Public Library, Adult Literacy Resource Center


Engage a new perspective

Sign & Deaf Culture for Librarians – 11/11, Saturday 9:30am

This workshop will introduce library staff to visual communication and basic library related sign language. Participants will learn a variety of things including: basic tips in communicating with Deaf patrons and simple signs related to the library. The workshop includes group instruction and demonstrations. We will also discuss strategies to make your library more Deaf friendly and resources to help participants continue their sign language and Deaf culture education. This workshop is a 'get your toes wet' introduction to sign language and Deaf culture. It will include group instruction, and demonstrations.


Miranda Stephano, Hillside Childrens Center


Listen like you’ve never done before

Listen Like a Librarian – 11/11, Saturday 10:45am

Gain perspective on your assumptions.  Know whether you are listening to understand or advocate.  Discover when parroting can be more effective than reframing.  Consider the under-rated value of being knowing nothing.  Experience HEARing….sprinkled with a bit of PMS.  Come listen!


Elena Falcone, Westchester Library System
Hannah Ralston, Webster Public Library


14 different doors

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Visit the LAR at booth 110 at the conference; we'll LISTEN and you'll tell us what you need to know to make access real for your patrons.

Fun stuff will take place.

Come the door.... and see what ACCESS can reveal.