RLRT Minutes: October 16, 2009

Rural Libraries Roundtable
Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2009
NYLA Conference, Niagara Falls


In Attendance: Angela Gonzalez (Warsaw Public Library), Carole Kupelian (Retired), Peggy Johansen (Livingston manor, Ramapo System), Sandy Lamb (Black River), Charlie Garofalo (Reading Room Association of Gouverneur), Amy Degnan (NCLS), Joan Pellikka (NCLS), Penny Kerfien (Fulton Public Library), Lyn Swafford (Canton Free Library), Tina Winstead (Newfield, Finger Lakes System), Leona Chereshnoski (Osceola Public Library).


I. Meeting was called to order at 3:48 pm.

II. Minutes from last meeting approved – motion made by Leona Chereshnoski and seconded by Carole Kupelian. All were in favor.

III. Treasurer’s Report given by Amy Degnan

1. 5 new memberships

2. Basket raffle $105, basket winner Marcia Eggleston of Norwood/Norfolk.

3. New expense of the banner at $80.

IV. New Business

1. Conference Committee Report

a. Need to have two sections work together to make a group successful.

b. Joan Pellikka received ideas for future conference programs.

c. Joan and Amy will present program on School District Funding. They will look for a co-sponsoring section or roundtable.

2. Nominating Committee Chair Report

a. Angela Gonzalez will not be President next term; will be VP, if necessary. Joan will look for candidates for officers for spring 2010 

3. Exhibit Coordinator Report

a. Carole Kupelian reported that the table went well.

b. The group worked well covering shifts and setting up the table.

c. The RLRT would like to thank James Zuch for his design of our logo. 

4. Publications and Newsletter Committee Report

a. One copy of the newsletter will be sent to each Library System, so they can distribute it to their libraries.

b. Amy Degnan and Joan Pellikka volunteered to assist Charlie Garofalo with the newsletter

c. The news items may be sent to the above three.

d. It will be a quarterly newsletter.

5. Web Chair

a. Bernie Tomaso resigned and Angela Gonzalez volunteered for the position.

b. Carole Kupelian and Cathy miller requested someone attend CE committee meetings.

6. Membership Committee

a. Amy Degnan and James Zuch created the brochure for RLRT.

7. Awards Committee

a. No report at this time.


V. Motion made to adjourn the meeting by Lyn Swafford and seconded by Amy Degnan. The meeting was adjourned at 4:16 pm.


The next meeting will be May 21, 2010 at Baldwinsville Public Library at 10:30 am.


Respectfully Submitted,

Penny Kerfien