RLRT Minutes: May 21, 2010

Rural Libraries Roundtable
Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2010
Baldwinsville Public Library


In Attendance: Amy Degnan (NCLS), Joan Pellikka (NCLS), Angela Gonzalez (Warsaw Public Library), Stella Todd (Heuvelton), Carole Kupelian (Retired), Leona Chereshnoski (Osceola Public Library), Charlote Garofalo (Reading Room Association of Gouveneur) and Penny Kerfien (Fulton Public Library), Julia Schult (Baldwinsville Public Library)

I. Meeting was called to order at 10:35 am.

II. New Business

  1. Amy Degnan announced that she has been appointed to the NYLA Continuing Education Committee to represent RLRT. RLRT might want to sponsor or co-sponsor a NYLA Institutes in the future. Julia Schult suggested Friends of the Library might be a good co-sponsor. Another possible co-sponsor could be MaryAnn Stiefvater with the Gates grant.
  2. Conference Committee report – Joan Pellikka reported Steve Bolton (Director of NCLS) would be presenting a program at the 2010 NYLA Conference called “Your Piece of the Funding Pie” on Saturday morning at 9:30.
    • A. RLRT meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 4 at 9:15 am, with table talks to follow.
    • B. Charlotte suggested that someone from PLS should attend RLRT meetings and someone from RLRT should attend PLS.
  3. Nominating Committee Report – Joan Pellikka reported that the last day to submit nominations will be September 3, 2010. President and Secretary terms will end in even years and Vice President and Treasurer will end in odd years. This will be changed in the by-laws as per motions and vote. There will need to be a special election this year in order to facilitate the staggering of terms of officers. A motion was made for this election by Charlotte Garofalo and seconded by Carole Kupelian. All were in favor.
  4. Exhibit/Booth Chair at NYLA report – Carole Kupelian – An idea of having a photo contest that tells the story of your library in keeping with the 2010 conference theme: The Library: Your Story Starts Here. The photos would be enlarged and would be voted on at the RLRT booth. The winning library would receive a framed photo. Another idea was a gift basket raffle at the booth. Amy Degnan will write a contest promotion letter to be mailed to library systems.
  5. Publication and Newsletter Committee report – The newsletter should be sent to each system and they can make copies and send out to their libraries. The newsletters would go out in June and November/December as per discussion.
  6. The Web Chair Report – The newsletter will be put up on the site.
  7. Membership Report – There are currently 60 members. There are over 513 libraries that serve a population of 12,000 or less. Amy Degnan will send out RLRT recruitment letters to libraries serving a population under 12,000 around the state this year.
  8. Awards Committee – As per discussion an idea for the future would be some awards could be given out for NYLA membership for one year and a scholarship to the NYLA Conference.
  9. There was a recess for lunch.
  10. Newsletter brainstorming took place after lunch.

III. Motion made to adjourn by Charlotte Garofalo and Stella Todd seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 4th, 2010, 9:15 am, NYLA Conference, Saratoga Springs.


Respectfully Submitted,

Penny Kerfien