RLRT Minutes: November 4, 2010

Rural Libraries Roundtable
Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2010
New York Library Association Conference
Saratoga Springs


In Attendance: Angela Gonzalez (Warsaw Public Library), Stella Todd (Heuvelton), Joan Pellikka (NCLS), Charlotte Garofalo (Gouverneur), Lyn Swafford (Canton), Marcia Eggleston (Norwood-Norfolk), Susie Gutenberger (Lansing), Molly Foust (Trumansburg), Elizabeth Rogers (CEF Library System), Stacey Anderson (Corfu Free Library), Kate Vreeland (Ogden Farmer’s Library), Beverly Choltco-Devlin (Mid-York), Nancy Bailey (Nioga), Amy Zuch (NCLS), Karen Sperraza, Carole Kupelian, Brian Hildreth, Judith Petrosillo (Berne), Kathy Stempel (Berne), and John Eberhardt.


I. Meeting was called to order at 9:20 am.

II. Motion to approve minutes from the May 21, 2010 meeting was made by Charlotte Garofalo and seconded by Stella Todd, all were in favor.

III. New Business

  1. Treasurer’s Report by Amy Zuch – there is $1200 dollars in the account. Motion made by Carole Kupelian and seconded by Stella Todd to accept the report. All were in favor.
  2. Joan Pellikka introduced the new officers of RLRT – They are Joan Pellikka (Consultant Librarian/NCLS) as President, Beverly Choltco-Devlin (Reference and Electronic Resources Consultant/Mid York Library System as Vice President, Brian Hildreth (Director/David A. Howe Public Library) as Secretary and Amy Zuch (Consultant Librarian/NCLS) as Treasurer.
  3. Conference Program – Steve Bolton (Director of NCLS) will present a program, “Your Piece of the Funding Pie” on Saturday morning.
  4. Exhibit/Booth Report – Amy and Joan with the help of others have filled a basket to raffle off. There is also a photo contest.
  5. Publication/Newsletter Report – Charlotte reported that the newsletter went out in email and mail to all systems. There will be another one going out after the NYLA Conference.
  6. Web Chair Report – Angela has been working on the site.
  7. Membership Report – Amy reported that the membership is growing and that she hopes we will add more members through our NYLA booth.

IV. The next RLRT meeting will be May 20, 2011 at the Baldwinsville Public Library. Motion was made by Lyn Swafford to adjourn the meeting and Charlotte Garofalo seconded. Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 am.


Respectfully Submitted,

Penny Kerfien