New Members of NYLA


The purpose of NMN is to welcome new NYLA members – those who have been NYLA members five years or less – and to encourage their active membership within NYLA.

The New Member of NYLA will be responsible for the New Members Meet & Greet Reception held at the annual NYLA conference, one or more conference programs, a New Members information booth at conference, assisting with the Networking Breakfast/Annual Meeting at conference, and the Mentorship Program.

Additional projects and activities can be devised specifically to engage new NYLA members throughout the year.

Up to two representatives of the New Members of NYLA will attend Membership Committee meetings; the Subcommittee Chair will act as Membership Committee Liaison. The Subcommittee will hold separate meetings in order to accomplish its business and plan activities.

The New Members of NYLA will be funded through the Membership Committee. A budget will be made and submitted to the Membership Committee Chair each year.The subcommittee will also retain control over the remaining monies allocated to NMRT.

Subcommittee positions are for one year, from Annual Conference to Annual Conference, but are renewable at the discretion of the Subcommittee Chair. All Subcommittee positions, except the Chair, are appointed by the Subcommittee Chair. The Subcommittee Chair can add Coordinator positions as needed to address additional projects and activities of the Subcommittee.

All Subcommittee members must be NYLA members in good standing. The Subcommittee should be a place where new members can easily become involved in NYLA, but NYLA members of more than 5 years will not be excluded.


Subcommittee Chair & Membership Committee Liaison:

Shall conduct meetings of the New Member Engagement Subcommittee and ensure notes are taken/archived, lead the Subcommittee in carrying out abovementioned activities and any additional yearly goals, work with the Subcommittee treasurer on a yearly budget, and recruit new subcommittee members as needed. As membership committee liaison, shall attend membership committee meetings and serve as liaison between the Membership Committee and the Subcommittee.

Upcoming Subcommittee Chair & New Member Conference Programmer:

Shall be responsible for one or more programs at the NYLA annual conference on topics of interest to new members. Will serve as Subcommittee Chair & Membership Committee Liaison in the following year after Conference. Responsible for appointing the next New Member Conference Programmer and all other Subcommittee Positions once Subcommittee Chair.


Shall be responsible for all revenue and expenses as controlled by the New Member of NYLA (NMN) and only the NMN. The subcommittee will oversee their current finances and all future finances, as well as submit a proposed budget to the Membership Committee Chair in December following the Conference. Proposed budget must fall within the budget established by NYLA for the Membership Committee.

Booth Coordinator:

Shall be responsible for all New Member booth related activities, including soliciting and scheduling volunteers, creating/compiling handouts and the booth display, and coordinating the ticket exchange.

Social Events Coordinator:

Shall be responsible for planning, promoting, and executing the New Member Meet & Greet Reception at the NYLA Annual Conference. Will assist with other events to cater to new members in the association.

Mentorship Program Coordinator:

Shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of the Mentor Program.

Communication Coordinator:

Shall coordinate communication targeted to new NYLA members, including emails to the listserv and content for the NYLA e-Bulletin.