IFRT Intellectual Freedom Roundtable


The purpose of the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable is to provide a forum for the membership of NYLA in which to exchange information, develop special educational and informational programs, and provide support for the activities of NYLA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee in promoting freedom of acquisition, dissemination, and maintenance of library materials, services, and programs


  • Amrita Dhawan, President
  • Frank McKenna, President-Elect
  • Jennifer Bollerman, Past President
  • Suzanne Johnson, Treasurer
  • Laura Giunta, Secretary
  • Sara Dallas, Director-at-Large
  • Art Friedman, Director-at-Large
  • Scott Jarzombek, Director-at-Large
  • Stephanie Hess, Director-at-Large
  • Pat Kaufman, Director-at-Large

Challenges to Library Materials:

Report Censorship: Defend the Public's Freedom

If you find yourself being challenged, you are not alone in your fight. Please report your challenge to the American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom and notify Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA Executive Director. Helpul information can be found in the  NYLA Intellectual Freedom Manual and at the Challenges to Library Materials website of the American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom.


Key Documents: