Nominate a New York Document

The New York Library Association/Government Information Round Table honors agencies that have produced notable documents distributed through the New York State Documents Depository Program. We need your help in identifying nominees. Categories to look for include: reference publications, informational documents, and notable agency efforts (need not be limited to a specific document). Is the document useful, informative, logically and attractively presented, innovative?

These and other qualities can be considered in choosing nominees.

Print the form below to make a nomination by December 15, 2012.

Issuing Agency:  _______________________________________________

Title:  ________________________________________________________

Personal Author(s):  ____________________________________________

Publication Date:  _______________________________________ 

Pagination:  ____________________________________________

Annotation: (Indicate what makes this document notable)





Nominator: __________________________________________________ 

Street address ____________________________
Address (cont.) ____________________________
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Mail nomination forms to:

Mary Redmond
New York State Library
Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12230