GIRT: Government Information Roundtable

GIRT is...

  • A New York Library Association Round Table active since 1978
  • An organization for all NYLA members who use government sources or are interested in accessing government information
  • A group that welcomes and needs your participation

The Government Information Round Table is committed to the furtherance of knowledge and use of all types of government publications; planning and coordinating related programs; communication between librarians and other interested parties working with government documents; publishing materials relating to the government documents field; and encouraging legislation for the improvement of printing, distribution, and utilization of documents.

GIRT members work together to...

  • Improve access to government information through contact with public officials, librarians, and government agencies
  • Share expertise in developing strong government information programs in libraries
  • Provide a forum for continuing education by offering programs and conferences
  • Exchange information and ideas to improve and enhance government information service
  • Support and contribute to conferences on the New York State and Federal Depository Library programs
  • Alert the library community to the importance of access to government information and to pertinent legislative initiatives

 GIRT Activities Include:

  • Sponsoring programs at the NYLA Annual Conference
  • Sponsoring joint programs with local government information interest groups
  • Sponsoring annual meetings at the NYLA Conference and occasionally at locations throughout the state
  • Serving as an advisory committee on the New York State Document Depository Program
  • Sponsoring a publications program to encourage members to write about government information
  • Producing a newsletter with information on Federal, State and local government information issues


If you have any questions about GIRT or our activities, contact one of our officers.