ESRT: About - Interview with David Cohen

David Cohen, the founder of NYLA's Ethnic Services Round Table, reached the age of 97 on May 24, 2006.

David Cohen with friends

As teacher, mentor, and friend to countless librarians throughout the country and the world, David has left his mark on the library world. The acknowledged maven of multicultural librarianship, he has encouraged, urged, prodded, and inspired his colleagues in libraries everywhere to strive to offer the best service to those of every cultural and linguistic group, connecting people with information. Always nudging his fellow librarians higher, he envisions the ideal library as the place where people of all cultures come together.

At the May 24, 2006 meeting of the Round Table, ESRT members decided to conduct an interview with David. Jennifer Ransom and Janet Landow offered to do so, and the attached file is the result. The interview took place on June 1, 2006 at Flushing House, New York, where David currently lives.

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