2015 Conference Program Descriptions

Saturday, October 24

Program Slot #7, 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Connecting & Communicating with Your Audience

Sponsor: ASLS
Being sensational when giving a presentation can be a daunting and sometimes frightening experience. But being sensational is based on basic principles of communication and connecting with your audience. In this presentation, you will learn the basics of being a successful communicator beginning with the very basic approach to interacting with your audience. You will learn the importance of gauging your audience and defining their interests, how to overcome common obstacles that detract from your message, and how your presentation, your image, and your delivery can impact the success of your presentation.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Val Albert, Toastmasters International

Accounting for Non-Profits

Sponsors: FLS / PLS, LTA
How much profit can my organization make?  Do I have to file that form with the IRS?  What about sales tax?  CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner John Parsell and not-for-profit auditor Nathan Wray will answer these and other accounting questions for 501(c)(3) organizations. John Parsell serves as an internal auditor for the Potsdam Public Library.
Track: Administration & Leadership
John Parsell, John Parsell, IV, CPA
Nathan Wray, John Parsell, IV, CPA

Six Domains of Leadership

Sponsor: LAMS
Good leadership consists of a pyramid of six domains: personal, relational, contextual, inspirational, supportive, and responsible.  Improve your leadership skills with the Leadership Pyramid.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Richard J. Naylor, William K Sanford Town Library


School Library Summit Partnerships & Action Steps

An update on the continuous development and promotion of materials and resources that aid in improvement, assessment, and evaluation of school library programs and school librarians.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
John Brock, NYSED- P-12 Office of Educational Design and Technology

Program Slot #7 & #8, 9:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Transforming Your Library Through Pop Culture

Sponsors: PCRT / SCLA, YSS, SSL, RRT
We, and our patrons, are never too old to get lost in the pages of a fantasy novel, be captivated by a superhero movie, or find ourselves devoted to a TV show. And in the age of social media, we can connect with others who share our passions like never before.  A successful library community awareness campaign asks “What do you geek?” This same question can be asked of our patrons, and we can build programming to fuel those passions.  This interactive and engaging session will cover pop culture materials and related programs, and how they can be used by librarians to bridge generations, genders, cultural differences, and other social barriers.  After discussing integration of pop culture into your services and how it can be used to connect with your community, there will be a short break.  Following the break, presenters will discuss a variety of resources related to pop culture available to librarians.
Track: User Services
Valerie Acklin, Bellmore Memorial Library [photo at left]
Nola Thacker, Westhampton Free Library [center photo]
Samantha Alberts, Suffolk Cooperative Library System [photo at right]

Program Slot #7, 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM

Fundraising Ideas for the Smaller Library

Sponsors: RLRT / FLS, PLS, NYCftH
Outside the box ideas for fundraising. Whether you need money for a program, a project, or a few more books, you can raise the needed funds with tried and tested ideas.  Participants will be presented with many fundraising ideas: large and small, conventional and unconventional. Then they will be encouraged to collaboratively tailor one or two ideas specifically to their library. The program will use cooperative group techniques to sharpen ideas and make them workable for an individual library.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Karen Glass, Keene Valley Library
Cheryl Blanchard, Payne Memorial Library Willsboro, NY

The Digital Services Conundrum

Sponsors: SCLA / SMART
Libraries are fighting an uphill battle to compete with services being streamed directly to the home. Join us as we discuss the tools that librarians need, and the staff that libraries will need, to provide meaningful and relevant digital services to our patrons.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Stephen Ingram, Northport-East Northport Public Library [photo at left]
Robert Johnson, Emma S. Clark Memorial Library
Nick Tanzi, Mastic-Moriches Shirley Community Library [photo at right]

Productivity in the Library

Ron Kirsop, Assistant Director of the Pioneer Library System, will be discussing his thoughts on improving  productivity through planning strategies, organization, project management, time management, and technology. This program aims to shift the way we think about our day-to-day priorities in the work place in an effort to become the most productive versions of ourselves.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Ron Kirsop, Pioneer Library System

Minecraft Literacy for Parents & Grandparents

Sponsors: YSS / PCRT, RRT, SMART
Help parents and grandparents in your community recognize the benefits of playing Minecraft with a focus on intergenerational play and how gaming helps to develop reading comprehension skills.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Cathy Henderson, Greece Public Library

Program Slot #8, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

125 Great Film Resources & Ideas

Sponsors: FILM / RASS
Libraries today have the means to provide patrons with valuable knowledge and skills relating to film. From streaming to green screens, awareness can lead to exciting library programs. We will look at 125 resources, in honor of NYLA’s 125th anniversary.
Track: Adult/Reference Services
Z Baird, Yonkers Riverfront Library
Austin Olney, White Plains Public Library

Reporter’s Privilege & the First Amendment

Sponsor: IFRT
What is the reporter's privilege? An attorney interacts with a journalist in relation to issues such as how to distinguish a confidential source (which is a constantly evolving issue), the history behind it, and various state shield laws.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Representative from the Media Law Resource Center

I Still Don't Want To Talk About It

Sponsor: LAMS
“I Still Don’t Want to Talk About It.”  Your trickiest, most uncomfortable and potentially explosive questions answered by seasoned library professionals.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Jerry Nichols, Long Island University
Bridget Quinn-Carey, Interim President & CEO, Queens Library

Gettin’ GIFfy with It

Sponsors: PLS / SMART
Learn how to make animated GIFs using your library’s digital collections! There will be a GIFmaking demonstration, followed by a discussion of potential uses for community outreach and engagement.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Meredith Powers, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Dana Haugh, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Laura Costello, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University

Tales from the Library Trenches

Sponsor: RASS
You can't really learn about library desk service just from books and classes. Hear librarians' stories of front-line librarianship - and add your own if you wish. We will discuss how to take the unexpected in stride. RASS will hold a brief membership meeting at the end of the program.
Track: User Services
Jennifer Huesenitza, Northern Onondaga County Public Libraries, & President of RASS
Members of the RASS Board

Rural Libraries as Community Centers

Sponsors: RLRT / PLRT
This program will focus on the unique needs of rural communities and how libraries can step into social service areas and become more relevant in their community. Supporting programs that address community needs, you can bolster support for your library and maintain relevance in your community.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Laurenne Teachout, Stephentown Memorial Library
Christian Collins, Grafton Community Library

Your Aspirations for Special Populations

Sponsor: RLSP
Contribute to a conversation about our aspirations as a community of professionals serving special populations, i.e.,  those with special needs (including physical and mental disabilities), the elderly, and the poor.  Based on the Harwood Institute’s Aspiration exercise, we’ll work together to identify what we are working towards, look for common themes, and begin to identify the strategies and collaboration that can help us get there.  Membership in RLSP is not required to attend this meeting, though we hope you'll leave wanting to support the work of the section!
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Elena Falcone, Westchester Library System

SSL Membership Meeting & Adirondack Tales

Sponsor: SSL
A brief business meeting by the Section of School Librarians will be quickly followed by an informative and entertaining presentation by Karen Glass. Karen is a professional storyteller who performs through her home area of NY State. By day, she is Director of a rural library in Keene Valley, a small town in upstate NY. She tells stories in classrooms to preschool through high school ages, has performed in local theatre, and has taken part in conferences, fairs, and other events. She's also released several CDs. She specializes in folk tales from different countries, value stories (anti-bullying, cooperation, patience, etc.), upstate NY (Adirondack) history, and women's history.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Jill Leinung, East Greenbush Central School
Karen Glass, Keene Valley Library

YSS Table Talks

Sponsor: YSS
Roundtable discussions and hands-on activities about programming and services for children and young adults.  Participants will be able to choose three different Table Talks during the course of this workshop!  (Topics will include crafts for the 2016 SRP, Small Library Maker Spaces, Graphic Novels and Common Core, "1st Saturday for Libraries," Multicultural Kids Programs, Book Clubs for Struggling Readers, 21st Century Teen Spaces, and Community-wide Fairy Tale Festivals.)
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
(moderator) Chrissie Morrison, East Greenbush Library