Programming - Thursday November 8

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Program Slot #1 - 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Information Literacy for Distance Learners
Sponsor: ASLS / BIRT
With more and more students who never set foot on campus, let alone the library, one of our biggest challenges has become figuring out how to deliver equitable services to distance learners. This session will tackle the issue of promoting and delivering quality information literacy instruction using various methodologies including screencasts, online embedded librarians, virtual reference interactions, and live, online workshops. We will also examine experiences and best practices in online, synchronous instruction using active and team-based activities from the Empire State College Online Library.
Track: User Services
Speaker: Dana Longley, Empire State College

Prison Libraries Supporting Education
Sponsor: CORT
From personal enrichment to GED studies to college coursework, prison libraries are called on to support education at many levels. Learn about ideas and programs that have been successful.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Steve Almasi, Coxsackie Correctional Facility
Doug Petric, Groveland Correctional Facility
Cassandra Beam, Ulster Literacy Association

Librarians as Community LeadersCassie Guthrie
Sponsor: LAMS
Won't you be my neighbor? Hear three skilled professionals discuss their successes in extending the reach oftheir library outside the walls through community collaboration.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Rebecca Lubin, Albany Public Library
Erica Freudenberger, Red Hook Public Library
Cassie Guthrie, Pioneer Library System (pictured)

Community Conversations: Talking About the Things That Really Matter
Sponsor: NY Council for the Humanities
Libraries are an important arena for community dialogue on a broad range of important issues. How can libraries encourage these public discussions while also keeping the peace? The New York Council for the Humanities’ Community Conversations program can help! Find out how this do-it-yourself program works (with a $200 grant from the Council), and how to use toolkits on universal topics like democracy and service to host civic (and civil!) dialogues about the things that really matter to all of us.
Track: User Services
Speaker: Erika Halstead, NY Council for the Humanities

Special District Libraries, Special Legal Issues
Sponsor: PLS
Get the lowdown on the unique laws, rules, and regulations that govern the formation and operation of special district libraries. This program is part of PLS’ “Legal Issues” series.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Ellen Bach, Whiteman Osterman & Hanna
Robert Schofield, Whiteman Osterman & Hanna

Money Matters: Financial Education for Public and Staff
Sponsor: RASS
It is more important than ever to educate the American public in financial matters, helping them to become financially literate and informed investors, and to protect themselves from fraud and other activities that may be detrimental to their financial status and ultimately, their lives. This session will demonstrate the methodology NYPL has developed to increase the financial education awareness among library users and staff.
Workshop participants will leave with a staff training curriculum that they can replicate at their libraries to increase financial education levels of their staff. They will also learn about the Money Matters financial education program developed for the library users.
Track: User Services
Kristin McDonough, The New York Public Library
Marzena Ermler, The New York Public Library

Digital on a Dime
Sponsor: SMART
Jim Mancuso, Head Librarian at Northeastern Baptist College, will speak on his experiences creating digital libraries for a distance-learning program. He will provide strategies, insights, and tips on how to expand your digital library with limited finances and personnel, and demonstrate how to build an adequate digital collection without breaking the budget. Partnering with your local 3Rs council is another affordable way to provide wide exposure to your unique collections.. Jennifer Palmentiero, Digital Services Librarian at SENYLRC, will provide information about New York Heritage, the NY3Rs collaborative digitization initiative. She will also address strategies for managing successful projects with limited staff, time, and funds.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Jim Mancuso, Northeastern Baptist College (pictured)
Jennifer Palmentiero, Southeastern New York Library Resources Council

Taking the Next Step With Your Teens
Sponsor: YSS
Small space? Small budget? Small staff? Lots of teens? Learn some tips and tricks to make your library teen-friendly and help you get out into your community to serve them best!
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Eugenia Schatoff, Director, Watervliet Public Library

Program Slot #2 - 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM

Information Literacy as Meta Literacy: Responding to Challenges of Social Media
Sponsor: ASLS / SMART
Information literacy as metaliteracy, a comprehensive framework that incorporates elements of digital, visual, and media literacies, acknowledges the relevance of information competencies in a social media age, challenging us to raise questions about the evolution of information literacy in an era of Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Trudi Jacobson, University at Albany
Greg Bobish, University at Albany
Tom Mackey, University at Albany

High Interest Books for New Adult Readers
Looking for ways to engage adult readers with urban cultural experiences and low reading skills? Learn about high interest reading materials and innovative ways to attract new readers.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Corinne F Leone, Gowanda Correctional Facility
Cassandra Beam, Ulster Literacy Association

Writing Reviews for Fun and Profit
Find out how to break into book reviewing in this discussion with Heather McCormack, Book Review Editor of Library Journal, along with reviewers Teresa Faust, Special Services Librarian at the Vermont Department of Libraries, and Lauren Gilbert, Head of Community Services at the Sachem Public Library. Learn the steps to becoming a reviewer, and find out about the time commitment, the writing and editing process, the ethics of reviewing, and the professional benefits.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Stephanie Klose, Library Journal Book Review
Teresa Faust, Special Services Librarian/Consultant Vermont Department of Libraries
Lauren Gilbert, Sachem Public Library

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Panel
Sponsor: RASS
Learn about the latest titles and trends from Science Fiction and Fantasy authors.
Track: Adult/Reference Services
Speaker: TBD

Training on the E-book
Learn how to design and implement a fun and effective staff training program for the use of e-readers and emerging technologies.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Lauren Comito, Queens Library
Karen Keys, Queens Library

The LD-Friendly School Library
Sponsor: SSL
ADHD? Dyslexia? Processing Disorders? This presentation will help you understand and work effectively with students who learn differently, providing guaranteed take-away value for you and your district. Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Kathy Fester, Adelphi University/Research with Kathy Fester


Apps 101 for Children and Teens
Sponsor: YSS
Come learn about apps with an emphasis on what’s being published in the field, discover some stunners and trends, and find out what we look for when we evaluate an app.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Daryl Grabarek, Editor, Curriculum Connections and Touch and Go, School Library Journal

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