New York Black Librarians' Caucus

THE NEW YORK BLACK LIBRARIAN’S CAUCUS (NYBLC) is a collection of professionals, who believe that they are the “culture keepers” of history, tradition and community. We represent the library community’s collective interests. The Caucus works to expand professional, economic and networking opportunities for librarians, library support staff, board of trustees, institutions and those that love libraries.

By joining the Caucus, you will be united with professional men and women, who together ignite a powerful torch of strength, enthusiasm and imagination. NYBLC offers scholarships, books awards, and a host of services provided for Caucus members including programs, job listings, and so much more. You can benefit tremendously from the numerous executive offices, committees, presentations, and professional development workshops.

I encourage you to support this dynamic organization through membership and discover the many benefits your participation will reap for you and the community.

The CAUCUS needs your support and energetic involvement as we continue working to make progress in the library community.Together we will make a difference.

Happy New Year!!

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming events sponored by the NYBLC!


Member Recognition

Afiya Farrell

My name is Afiya Farrell and I was born in Trinidad & Tobago. After immigrating to America in
1999, my mother was adamant about one thing – education is the key to success. From there, I
was placed in learning programs from STEM to The Arts. After high school, I attended the
University of New Haven (CT) and then completed my undergraduate at Nazareth College in
Rochester, NY. I was sure that when I graduated I would be an Art Therapist but life tends to
have other ideas. Frustrated about what was in my power to help others regarding information
needs, my friends and family nudged me to apply for the University at Buffalo for their Master’s
in Library Information Science program; I can truly say, that was the best decision I have made
in my adult life. I aspire to become either a Digital Archivist or a Medical Research Librarian.
My end-goals are like a hand – my palm is my initial goal but my fingers are the different paths
that lead to them. I am currently doing my best to take in all information that I seek out through
my internship, jobs, school, and volunteer work. I hope that through NYBLC I will gain so much
more knowledge and experience; I want to thank the committee for selecting me as a recipient
for the Donna Hoke Scholarship for 2018 and I hope that through my experiences, I will be able
to support the next awardee.