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2017 NYLA Award Recipients

by Kelsey Dorado, Communications & Marketing Manager

The New York Library Association will honor individuals for their support, leadership, and advocacy of libraries at the 124th Annual Conference and Trade Show in November in Saratoga Springs, NY on Friday, November 10.

The awards include Senator Hugh Farley Outstanding Advocate for Libraries, Outstanding Services to Libraries, and Mary Bobinski Innovative Public Library Director.

The Senator Hugh Farley Outstanding Advocate Award recognizes and honors an individual who, or a group that, has made a far reaching, sustained contribution to the promotion and/or support of library and information services to the people of New York State. The 2017 recipient, Assemblywoman Michaele C. Solages, has made supporting libraries and library systems a priority since she was first elected to the NYS Assembly. The Assemblywoman is aware and supportive of the educational and informational services public libraries offer immigrants and has encouraged members concerned about immigrants to join her in actively supporting increases in library aid.

The Outstanding Service to Libraries Award recognizes and honors an individual who, or a group that, has made a significant, sustained contribution to the development, promulgation, growth, or extension of library/information services to the people of NYS or to residents within a designated service area within the State. This year’s award will be presented to Steve Bolton. Steve has been involved in multiple of organizations throughout his career, and has consistently put himself on the front lines of library advocacy. He has demonstrated outstanding service to NYS libraries for nearly 4 decades and his contributions will be felt for years to come.

The Mary Bobinski Innovative Public Library Director Award recognizes a public library director who has developed or implemented an innovative program leading to an increase in financial support and/or usage of their library. The 2017 recipient is Carol McCrossen, Director of the Moffat Library of Washingtonville. Being a newly hired Director in the wake of Hurricane Irene, Carol found ways to rally her community. She located and stocked a temporary building that could meet the needs of the community and was an integral part of moving back to and restoring the library’s historic home after the storm’s devastation.