NYLA Council Election 2017

The ballot is NOW open! Voting runs from June 15 - July 15, 2017


This year NYLA members will be electing:

  1. A President-Elect, who will serve from Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2018 and then as NYLA President from Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2019.
  2. Two Councilors at Large who will each serve from Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2020
  3. One Treasurer-Elect, who will serve from Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2019 and then as NYLA Treasurer from Nov. 2019 – Nov. 2021

The Nominating Committee identified the following slate of candidates.

NYLA President Councilor-at-Large Councilor-at-Large Treasurer
Sarah Maximiek
Michelle Young
Jen Cannell
Stacey Rattner
Lauren Moore
Judith Wines
Erica Freudenberger
Roger Reyes


Petition Candidates

NYLA welcomes petition candidates for office on the upcoming NYLA Council election ballot.
In order to secure a spot on the NYLA ballot, you must be a current NYLA member, submit a signed letter stating your acceptance of the nomination, and a petition of no fewer than 41* signatures of current NYLA members endorsing your candidacy.  A petition candidate’s materials must be received by the NYLA office no later than May 1.
* 54 represents 1% of the total NYLA membership as of 12-31-16.
Update: No petitions for NYLA office were received.



Section & Round Table Elections

Coinciding with the NYLA Council election, each of NYLA's Sections will be voting to elect officers.  An overview of the candidates can be found here. Details on the candidates for each Section election can be found on the Section's web pages.  When accessing the NYLA Council Ballot, all additional Section ballots that you are eligible to participate in will be displayed.  Also happening concurrently, the Suffolk County Library Association (SCLA) Ballot - click here for details.


Details on Candidates

President‐Elect (2017‐18) / President (2018‐19)

Sarah Maximiek, Associate Librarian, Binghamton University

Throughout my 20 years as a NYLA member, I have had the opportunity to meet librarians and library professionals from around the state, cement friendships, create new professional networks, and most importantly, advocate for issues that have been important for my career as a professional librarian, and for issues that affect all libraries.

I first joined NYLA as a library school student, and has since served in a number of roles, including terms as president for RASS, SMART and ASLS, conference programmer for all three sections, and NYLA Council member.   During this time, I have also been a member of other professional groups, but I always come back to NYLA for its professional development opportunities and the strength of leadership.  To be even approached to be part of the leadership team is exciting and intimidating – but as those that know me from past work in NYLA know – I don’t stay intimated for long.

My work in academic librarianship has taken me from government document librarianship (and a strong passion for intellectual freedom issues) to information literacy work, collection development, and now, a little more towards technical services. Along the way, I found that my library school education left out a few things I thought would be helpful – such as budget management – so I took the opportunity to earn a Public Administration degree with a certificate in Non-Profit Management.

In addition, I am serving my second term on the Board of Directors for Your Home Public Library (Johnson City, NY), where I have served as President, Vice-President and Secretary throughout my years there.    With these experiences, I have developed a strong understanding of the struggles faced by many types of libraries around New York State, but most importantly, understand there is always more to learn.

I have always advocated for NYLA to my colleagues as the library organization to join because of its advocacy work, educational and professional opportunities, and the strength it provides our community. I would be honored to help represent and lead NYLA forward in the future.

Sarah Maximiek Resume (PDF)


Michelle Young, Director of Libraries, Clarkson University

Playing an active role in professional organizations is imperative for not only the librarian but the profession itself.  It is with this professional activity that we remain informed, relevant, and engaged. From the beginning of my career to date, I have been actively involved with library and higher education organizations at the national, state, regional, and local levels.

Having been a member of NYLA starting as a student and during the years I have been in the State of New York, I know the value of the organization for all library types.  NYLA give us a voice in the profession, in state government, and breaks down the silos of library types, uniting us with our common mission, to serve our clientele and communities, giving people access to information literacy skills, communication skills, access to information resources, and much more.

I am currently the Academic and Special Libraries Section (ASLS) President and to me, the next natural step is to become the NYLA President. My mission is to start a proactive open access initiative, engaging all library types, researchers, and vendors in the discussion.  In today’s climate, we need an open dialogue and equal access to information. Prominent advocacy from the state organization opens up many opportunities and I intend to help lead this important charge as NYLA President.

I have worked in the academic libraries for over 16 years excelling in all areas of the profession including but not limited to early promotion, tenure, and advancement into library administration. My credentials reveal evidence of strong and effective leadership and management, financial management and budgeting expertise, networking and collaboration skills that span departments, institutions, and locals, a high level of organizational abilities, an assortment of technology skills, and excellent public service skills. I am experienced in staff development, strategic planning, construction and renovation projects, as well as policy and planning work. I have extensive involvement working with a variety of committees, teams, and boards that span the academic spectrum. Additionally, I have successfully been involved organizational governance, publishing, presenting, and fund raising activities.  

In my current role as Director of Libraries and Associate Professor at Clarkson University, I report directly to the Sr. Vice President/Provost and serve on the President’s Cabinet. As an information professional, I strive to constantly seek opportunities for knowledge, growth, and never-ending self-improvement.  Upon arriving at Clarkson University in 2008, my goal was to set in motion, the University Libraries’ transformation towards continual and excelling academic excellence through the implementation of programs, policies, and strategies geared towards the innovative vision of libraries in the 21st century. This plan was visionary and nothing that Clarkson had seen before. To date, I can proudly report that the library is excelling in all of these areas and received the Phalanx Distinguished Service Award for the Library, 2011, an award from the University’s highest honorary society, recognizing a department or organization that goes above and beyond the activities for which it was established.

Prior to Clarkson (2001-2008), I served as a College Librarian at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the Department of Research and Instructional Services. I was a direct Report to Director of Research and Instructional Services Primary areas of responsibility (not an all-inclusive list): Public services duties including but not limited to instruction, outreach, reference, collection development, university and library governance roles, technology projects, and mentor junior colleagues.

A copy of my curriculum vitae is available upon request. Please email me at myoung@clarkson.edu for additional information and supporting documentation for my candidacy.

Michelle Young Resume (PDF)

Candidates for Councilor at Large (Public) 2017-2020

Lauren Moore, Executive Director, Pioneer Library System

Librarianship isn’t a responsibility I take lightly.  I truly believe that democracy relies on the participation of an informed citizenry, and libraries are the institution by which we guarantee that every citizen has access to the educational resources she needs to participate.   Working as a librarian, on behalf of such a critical mission, is a humbling privilege.  That is why I have made a professional commitment to helping libraries build the strong infrastructure they need to succeed in even tumultuous times and to endure for many future generations. 

As the Executive Director of the Pioneer Library System, I work with the staff and trustees of 42 small and rural member libraries to create a network of libraries stronger together than they could be on their own.  By working together, at scale, we are creating a library culture that is change-ready and change-capable.

As a member of NYLA’s Legislative Committee and a volunteer on the Steering Committee of the New Yorkers for Better Libraries Political Action Committee, I have the pleasure of working with brilliant colleagues who understand the inherently political nature of our profession.  Serving these groups is important to me, because through our collaborative efforts we are not merely advocating for libraries and library funding.  Instead, we are constructing a political apparatus that ensures libraries’ interests are represented in Albany and in our local communities.

And when I present on topics including trustee development, strategic planning, and library budgeting and finances, my hope is always that I can help library leaders feel empowered and emboldened.  If as a profession, we can work now to lay a strong organizational groundwork, there is no limit to what libraries can create, build, or become.

I am proud to be a member of the New York Library Association, which creates opportunities for the library community to share resources, share expertise, and, perhaps most importantly, share a single voice.  NYLA provides the infrastructure we need to grow and succeed as a profession.   It would be my sincere pleasure to continue serving NYLA and the library community as a Councilor at Large.  I thank you for your consideration.


Judith Wines, Director, RCS Community Library

I believe in the power of libraries and value the opportunity to support them. Strong public libraries are key to building strong communities.  A library can catalyze or strengthen the goals of the people it serves, whether those goals are increased economic opportunity, richer early literacy opportunities, historic preservation or environmental sustainability.  

I am the director of a midsized school district library and the past director of a small association library where I was a solo librarian.   There is a tremendous diversity of public libraries within New York and while we are more alike than different, I am cognizant of our varying strengths and capacities. Recognition for my work includes the American Library Association's Scholastic Library Publishing Award (2015), L. Marion Moshier/Asa Wynkoop Award for Distinguished Librarianship (2013), and Mary Bobinski Innovative Public Library Director Award (2013)

My service to libraries includes work as a board member of NYLA's New Member Round Table and Public Libraries Section, including a term as PLS president and NYLA Council representative. I serve on NYLA's Sustainability Committee, and as chair of our System's econtent committee and am completing a term on my Library System's Board of Trustees.

I have seen the effectiveness of NYLA in advocating for and leading libraries and want to serve on NYLA council in order to contribute whatever expertise I may have to help continue the work of strengthening New York's libraries.
Thank you for considering me for NYLA Councilor at Large for public Libraries.

Candidates for Councilor at Large (School) 2017-2020

Jen Cannell, School Library System and Arts Coordinator, Capital Region BOCES

Professional organizations have been critical to my leadership development, first as a school librarian and now as a School Library System Director.  In my second month as a working professional, I attended my first NYLA conference.  It was there that I realized the value of belonging to something larger than my individual school.  My affiliation with professional organizations and all types of library systems has allowed me to broaden my thinking and find a network of support that ensures success.

It is my responsibility as a director to help others within my system become leaders.  I work to provide opportunities for school librarians in my region (and beyond!) to achieve their highest potential.  By providing opportunities for others to learn new skills, think deeply, and gain confidence, I want each of the librarians that I work with to feel that they can be leaders in our profession.  My dreams for the future are big and include the opportunity to participate on NYLA Council.  However, at this time I must endorse Stacey Rattner, a school library leader from my region.

Many thanks to each of you for the contributions you make to our profession.  It is my distinct privilege to belong to such an important professional organization with each of you!


Stacey Rattner, School Librarian, Castleton Elementary School

As the “Leaping Librarian” at Castleton Elementary School, one of my greatest missions each year is to foster a constant love of reading in all of my students.  I do this across my six grade levels by inviting many illustrator and authors into my building (in 2016-17 we had seven), Skyping with even more, throwing birthday parties on book release days, and collaborating with teachers on multiple Mock ALA youth media award programs.

My library is 100% flexibly scheduled, giving me the time and opportunity to collaborate with every teacher in my school.  This is unusual at the elementary level.  If I am selected to be on the NYLA Council, I will work diligently to advocate to not only mandate for every elementary school in New York State to have a full time certified school librarian but also explore moving into a schedule that allows for teachers and librarians to collaborate regularly. I believe my success is mostly due to my flexible schedule. I have had my administrator’s support throughout my tenure at Castleton and because of this, in 2015 nominated him (which he deservedly won) for the Beatrice E. Griggs Elementary Administrator’s award.  

I strongly believe that librarians all have common goals and we can all learn from one another.  Not only am I the VP of Conferences for NYLA/SSL but am also a member of AASL, ALSC and TLA/TASL.  I look forward to attending library conferences to meet and gain knowledge from colleagues in different library areas and beyond. I look forward to sharing this collective philosophy to the NYLA Council.

I am a regular columnist for School Library Connection, guest blogger for ALSC and this summer for Guessing Geisel. I share my reviews and projects on my own blog, librarianleaps.blogspot.com and am active on Twitter @staceybethr.  I was honored by my colleagues as the Schodack Central School District Teacher of the Year in November 2016.

Candidates for Treasurer-Elect (2017‐19) / Treasurer (2019‐21)

Erica Freudenberger, Outreach & Engagement Consultant, Southern Adirondack Library System

Erica has been a part of the New York library world for a decade, doing everything from working as a clerk to leading hundreds of programs for people of all ages to leading the Red Hook Public Library. As the director of a public library, she was responsible for setting and adhering to an annual budget, as well as planning for the future. During her tenure, the Red Hook Public Library had five successful budget referendums, which more than doubled the annual budget. She is settling in as the Outreach & Engagement Consultant at the Southern Adirondack Library System, where she serves its 34 member libraries – convening stakeholders to discuss adult literacy challenges, working with community agencies, developing continuing education workshops, and providing strategic planning and budget referendum consulting.

Fueled by the belief that libraries can only be as strong as the communities they serve, Erica has spent her career bringing together a diverse collection of stakeholders, empowering communities, and encouraging people to play an active role in our democracy. Her efforts were recognized in 2016, when Library Journal named her a Mover & Shaker in the category of “Community Builder,” and in 2015, when Red Hook Public Library was named a finalist for Best Small Library in America by Library Journal and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The New York State Regents Advisory Council on Libraries awarded the Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award to the Red Hook Public Library in 2015.
She has been lucky to be a part of several national initiatives, including the American Library Association’s Libraries Transforming Communities and the Aspen Institute’s pilot of Action Guide for Re-envisioning Your Public Library.
NYLA has played a key role in Erica’s professional development, and she would relish the opportunity to be able to serve the organization, and help it continue to thrive, advocate, and lead the way for libraries in New York.


Roger Reyes, Assistant Director for Business & Operations, Suffolk Cooperative Library System

I would like your support in my pursuit of the NYLA Treasurer-Elect position. I have served on Boards and Committees locally on Long Island (Suffolk County Library Association-Support Staff Division-Member at Large, Long Island Library Resource Council-Treasurer) and have become more active on the State level in recent years. I have worked closely with the Public Library System Directors Organization (PULISDO), assisting with finances, and am a member of the NYLA-Sustainability Initiative. Working with these groups has allowed me to see the “big picture” in library services in New York and I wish to pursue a position where I can use my skill-set to help further libraries in New York.

My strong background in finance, business and facility operations allows me to bring a different perspective to the various roles in which I have served. After 20 years of private industry work, I started my career in the library industry, 8 years ago, with no industry experience. Today I am proud to say I have earned my MLS (2014) and have immersed myself in the industry. I have been an active member of SCLA, NYLA, and ALA and have participated in numerous events across the State and Country on behalf of the Suffolk County Libraries.

It would be an honor to serve NYLA and the membership across New York State in the role of Treasurer-Elect. Thank you for your support!