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Youth Services Sections (YSS) Update

Submitted by Christina Ryan Linder, YSS President

YSS has a Mascot!

Since 1951 there has been a Children’s & Young Adult Services Section of the New York Library Association. 66 years after the section’s inception this group now has a mascot. Introducing Yancey the Yak! This mascot story begins with the current YSS treasurer Pat Connor, suggesting to Past President Mary Jo Smith that YSS should have one considering the section represents children’s library services and staff. Many animals were discussed at great length but of course alliteration won out. The yak was most appropriate for Youth Services. At this point Web Liaison, Cathy Brenner joined the conversation and suggested illustrator, Matt Myers. Mr. Myers had created a collection of children’s books revolving around a Musk Ox with an overall design of what the group was looking for. The illustrator was then contacted by Mary Jo and asked if he could create the Yak for YSS. Yancey became an immediate favorite of the board and was voted as the new mascot in January 2017.

Matt Myers is a children’s book illustrator, perhaps best known for the Musk Ox books written by Erin Cabatingan. His recent books include Rules of the House, written by Mac Barnett, and The Infamous Ratsos, written by Kara LaReau.
Yancey the Yak makes his first appearance at the YSS Spring Conference in Ithaca on April 28, 2017. We hope you will be there joining us in celebrating the YSS conference and the debut of Yancey.