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Academic & Special Libraries Section (ASLS) Update

Submitted by Kelsey Milner, ASLS Communications Committee Representative

One of our goals this year is to increase academic librarian engagement within ASLS and NYLA. To that end, we are helping to plan an academic library summit this summer. The event will include representatives from specialty groups across the state. The hope is to discover more about the specific challenges affecting academic libraries, and offer collaborative solutions to these problems.

ASLS has been working hard on creating exciting and robust programs for this year’s conference. One of our goals was to create inclusive programming that would be useful to librarians across the profession. Plan to attend ASLS sponsored events, an opportunity to learn and grow!  

Along with several other organizations, ASLS is sponsoring the “ACRL Roadshow: Learning to support Research services” workshop this spring. The event takes place May 24, from 8-5, at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. The cost of attendance is forty dollars. The purpose of the event is to address the growing need for academic researchers and librarians to have experience in research data management. The workshop is an introductory course for individuals with little-to-no experience in this area. If you are interested, more information is available here.

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