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From the Januay-February 1967 NYLA Bulletin. .NYLA records are deposited in the New York State Library. The content of the article reads:

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Effort, hope, and disappointment characterized the struggle to cope with critical library problems in New York State during the past several years.
In mid-1966, a significant breakthrough occurred.
The Governor’s Library Committee, an outgrowth of the 1965 (first) Governor’s Conference on Libraries (reported on in detail in the Jan-Feb, 1966 Bulletin) made recommendations which resulted in two major steps forward-

/revised formulas for State Aid to public library systems, and
/the appropriation of $700,000 to initiate the Reference and Research Library Resources Program.


In the relatively few months since the legislative success, the programs that had been developing in preparation for the go-ahead, have been set into motion, spelling clearly Phase Two in current plans for New York library development.


The revised formulas for the allocation of State Aid the public library systems increase the amount of monies by about $2,800,000 over previous appropriations of $10,500,000 to a new total of $13,300,000 for 1966-67.
An important feature of the revisions is the extension of central library book aid.
This improvement makes possible the continued and uninterrupted development of central library nonfiction collections. The new law, which became effective in the 1966-67 fiscal year, provides for the continuation of the present central library book aid feature, past the formerly specified 10-year limit after the central library has reached an adult nonfiction collection of 100,000 volumes.


Now nearing a reality is the cooperative approach to the achievement of improved reference and research library services, the major consensus of the various studies made throughout the state from 1960-65.