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Public Library Section (PLS) Update

Submitted by Dan Hubbs, PLS President

It was a pleasure participating in planning the 2016 Annual NYLA Conference. I thought our PLS programs were a successful component of a very successful conference. Gary Golden’s Keynote Address was particularly thought provoking and enjoyable.  I would single out three PLS programs for honorable mention here: Mapping A City: A Collaborative Project, Good Policies Make Good Patrons, and Increasing Circulation @ Your Library. Each of these well attended presentations inspired a good deal of discussion and positive feedback. In addition the Author!Author! author, Julia Claiborn Johnson gave a presentation both humorous and moving at Northshire Bookstore on Thursday evening.

PLS was pleased to award scholarships to five librarians and library school students for attendance at the conference.  PLS also gave $1,000 construction/renovation awards to the Phoenicia Public Library and the Longwood Public Library.

The PLS Board met (via conference call) on December 15th to discuss future programs, social media presence, PLS Board Positions and Duties and a possible spring planning retreat.

We look to 2017 hoping to continue the good work the section has done in the past and to focus our efforts serving our members and the larger public library community.