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Academic and Special Libraries Section (ASLS) Update

Submitted by Michelle Young, ASLS President

NYLA Conference - 2016 ASLS NYLA conference program data showed that all sessions showed high attendance by public librarians, something we may want to consider in planning future programs. Both Logic Models and Open Access may make good future CE programs. There was interest in hearing more about special libraries across NYS and attendees enjoyed the workshop format of the E-resource Licensing program. 2017 Programming is well underway.

Legislative Matters - TAPFR - ASLS is having conversations with NYLA to better understand the legislative process to date, needs to push the bill forward, and a process to find success.  Funding advocacy for Libraries are Eduction moving forward with the legislative committee.

NYLA Position Structure - ASLS Historian - We rediscovered this role and have a historian on the board. Director Position Query - ASLS worked to best understand this position within the NYLA organization. Volunteers are now being accepted.  We have one now working with programming.

By-Laws Review - We have a team working on by-law review and revision. The current document is out of date and lacks clarity.  This review and revision will remedy these issues.

Increasing Academic & Special Library Presence in NYLA - We are actively working with NYLA Staff, President Stripling, and other leaders on identifying areas needing improvement, areas where we are doing well, and future endeavors.