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Gov. Cuomo Cut Library Aid, Now What?

In his FY2017-18 budget, Governor Cuomo, proposed a 4% CUT to STATE LIBRARY AID. As always, NYLA is relying on its members to take action, and contact your elected officials through NYLA’s online advocacy tools, encourage your colleagues and patrons to participate in these actions.

So, what can YOU do?


  1. Use our pre-drafted letter to voice your support for fully funding NYS Library Aid in the FY 2017-2018 Budget
  2. Enlist as a Library Advocate and stay up to date with 'Advocacy Alerts'


  1. Contact your Senators and Assemblymembers by phone. Don't know what to say? Say this:

Hello, my name is {{your name}} I am a constituent of {{Senator or Assemblymember}} from {{hometown}} and my local library is {{local library name}}. I am calling to voice my opposition to Governor Cuomo's proposed cuts to library aid and hope that {{Senator or Assemblymember}} will support fully funding library aid.


  1. Attend Library Advocacy Day in Albany on March 1! If you can't come in person, you can particpate virtually!
  2. Visit your elected officials in their district offices