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Reference and Adult Services Section (RASS) Update

Submitted by Christian Zabriskie, RASS President

The Reference and Adult Services Section is reinventing itself and it wants YOU to be a part of it!

RASS is looking at what it means to be a modern Reference and Adult Services librarian. We are waaaaay past being the final arbiter of Trivial Pursuit disputes and have moved on to being information first responders in our communities. Amazon can tell you what other people bought when they looked at a book, we can tell you what they SHOULD have bought instead.

Adult Services can encompass the totality of library services for people 16 and up and those services are constantly changing and expanding. Are you serving seniors in your library? RASS is for you! Are you seeing more and more small businesspeople using your library as a base of operations? RASS can help! Do you want to reach out to social services agencies and get more program benefits for your users? RASS is alllllll over that!

We are looking for ways to expand the definition of Reference and Adult Services and create a section that is responsive to what you, the practicing library professional is doing. What support do you need? What areas do you want to learn more about and how can we help you do that? What kind of training opportunities are you looking for and what forms do they take?

Please take some time and fill out our surveys. We have one that is looking at what you think modern Reference and Adult Services looks like. This is your chance to help us re envision what reference means today and what adults of all ages are looking for in libraries. We have a second survey which tries to get to the heart of what you are looking for from a professional organization and how we can be more responsive to that as a section.

Come join us as we reinvent one of the core specialties of the profession!