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Academic & Special Libraries Section (ASLS) Update

Submitted by Michelle L. Young, ASLS President

The NYLA Conference and ASLS programming and booth were all a great success. We had several co-sponsors supporting our activities.
The list of programs included:

  1. Resource Licensing Made Easier
  2. Getting to Know Special Libraries
  3. Winning Support Using Logic Models
  4. Open Educational Resources Introduction and Analysis
  5. Walking the Open Access Talk
  6. Get Fancy with Your Library Data

Librarians from all types of libraries and varied roles were in attendance.  The sharing of information and experiences across the spectrum proved to be very useful to our colleagues. Detailed evaluation data is available upon request. Programming for NYLA 2017 is well underway and we are interested in your ideas! Please let us know what you’d like to see at the conference.

Are you already a member of ASLS?  If you are interested in becoming active, consider volunteering! Our Board meetings are open and your experience is welcomed.

ASLS is very interested in expanding its membership.  We recognize and want everyone to know that our section is not exclusively for  academic and special librarians but is for all librarians.  Our field spans the spectrum and working together as librarians is all areas benefits our programs, services, and clientele. No matter what kind of library you work in, we want you! We are working to expand both institutional as well as individual memberships.  Want to learn more?  Contact us!