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Outstanding Advocate of Libraries Award Dedicated to Senator Hugh T. Farley

On Friday, November 4, during the 2016 NYLA Inaugural Banquet, NYLA's Outstanding Advocate of Libraries Award was dedicated to Senator Hugh T. Farley and renamed the Senator Hugh T. Farley Outstanding Advocate for Libraries Award.

Resolution Honoring Senator Hugh T. Farley

WHEREAS, Senator Hugh T. Farley has served forty distinguished years in the New York State Senate, and his impending retirement provides occasion to reflect upon his unparalleled legacy of advocacy on behalf of the library community; and

WHEREAS, Senator Farley began his career-long commitment to public education and all library types as a high school teacher in Syracuse, before being appointed to the faculty of the School of Business of the University at Albany where he advanced to Full Professor and later was named Professor Emeritus of Business Law; and 

WHEREAS, Senator Farley, upon his election to the State Senate, sought every available opportunity to advocate on behalf of libraries and library services, serving as Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Libraries beginning in 1978, as a Member of the Governor’s Commission on Libraries, as an elected delegate to The White House Conferences on Libraries in 1979 and 1991, and as Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Libraries since 2012; and

WHEREAS, Senator Farley, rising through the ranks of Senate leadership, relentlessly fought for policies and funding that enabled libraries and librarians to freely evolve; and

WHEREAS, Senator Farley has sponsored nearly every significant piece of library legislation during the last four decades, including the creation of the State’s school library systems program, the creation of the State’s public library construction aid program, and modernizing State support for academic, research and special libraries; and

WHEREAS, Senator Farley’s tireless advocacy for library funding since he first took office has been responsible for nearly $3 billion in state library aid, more than $175 million in state library construction aid, and tens of millions of dollars in grants; and

WHEREAS, Senator Farley’s extraordinary efforts on behalf of libraries, and support for the life-changing power of library services, has immeasurably improved the lives of generations of New Yorkers, a legacy which will endure for generations to come; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that in recognition of Senator Farley’s remarkable career and valued friendship, the New York Library Association’s annual “Outstanding Advocate of Libraries Award” will be renamed and shall forever be known as the “Senator Hugh T. Farley Outstanding Advocate for Libraries Award.”

Adopted by NYLA Council
November 2, 2016

Senator Farley pictured with the 2016 recipient of the Senator Hugh T. Farley Outstanding Advocate for Libraries Award, Senator Thomas O'Mara, and NYLA Presidents, past, present, and future.