Programming Suggestions for the 2017 Conference

from the 2016 Conference Satisfaction Survey

"What topic(s) / speakers(s) would you like to see offered at a future conference?"

(In no particular order)

  1. Topics relevant for Friends
  2. Services to seniors
  3. Joint ILS, metadata topics
  4. HR issues like the new FMLA regulations.
  5. Robotics
  6. LGBTQA topics, indepth tech stuff
  7. Working with community stakeholders or other organizations.
  8. Keeping up with an increasingly wired society
  9. More topics revolving around STEAM and coding would be appreciated, especially a CE teaching an actual coding language (such as JavaScript, Java, or Python) and programs with practical examples of how to teach these classes to patrons.
  10. Program Planning 101 or Project Outcome
  11. I enjoyed and would like to see more about comics, pop culture, and similar topics and how it can be worked into children's and young adult programming.
  12. more stuff on academic libraries
  13. Policy making
  14. More on academic libraries
  15. I LOVE topics that are out of the ordinary. Something not typical for libraries. The Futurist was wonderful. Information on Google. It was great to have the big speakers be outside of the box.
  16. project management, working with various populations, security - for collections, staff and patrons
  17. More ways for libraries to be sustainable in energy and financially.  Ways to cut library costs.
  18. Genealogical research
  19. Readers' advisory
  20. Negotiation (vendors, businesses, government)
  21. More on ready-made training websites anyone can freely use, especially if they have pre and post tests
  22. An opportunity to try collaborating on new online services or digital collections"
  23. More popular culture topics
  24. More on library websites (research on how they are used, how to create and maintain, etc.)
  25. I was fascinated with the keynote speaker... I would really like to hear him (or the topic of futurecasting) again.  
  26. More youth services/family-related topics
  27. More forward thinking people like Garry the "Futurist"
  28. Marketing and PR
  29. Give us more Google and other companies who put library info to work in the real world.  A seminar on dressing in a professional manner would also be a great idea.
  30. more film programs
  31. music
  32. local history
  33. RDA conversion
  34. library outreach
  35. Self Checkout Pro's and Con's.
  36. Long-range financial planning
  37. gaming, making in academic libraries, OERs, one-shot class teaching strategies, creative programming in college libraries.
  38. I love passionate speakers mixed with data. I also like when the speakers are not traditional librarians so we can have outside perspective. I once went to a marketing session led by an actual professional marketer and felt that the tips were priceless.  
  39. More about local history - collections and programs, digitization, public library collaboration in digital humanities, and community history and working with other historical societies/organizations.
  40. "Tips for conversation interchange with patrons.
  41. Demonstration/application of new technology.
  42. Author presentation.
  43. Program recommendations and demonstration of materials for adults with disabilities.
  44. more table talks or at least more time to talk to more of the presenters at them
  45. More on gaming, video and non-electronic.
  46. Grant writing, community engagement, winning supporters with community non-users
  47. ALA's hot topics are gun violence and diversity - so resilience.
  48. More Youth Services Topics
  49. More topics on how to serve immigrant population
  50. Qualified people willing to back up their talks with experience or good data. Topics that are inspiring or groundbreaking or different. I enjoy the personnel sessions, readers advisory, emerging technologies.
  51. More on creating programs
  52. I would like to see more on local advocacy and more like Managing Generations that are broadly about staff issues.
  53. Topic:  hacking and security issues for our patrons, esp. older people.
  54. Maybe a panel on different ways to automate circulation/receiving or different libraries ways of automating?
  55. More children's program specific stuff (not just STEM or STEAM)
  56. More issues facing small and rural libraries. We seem to get lost among the larger, urban libraries.
  57. Re-Entry Programs and Libraries; Collaborations with local LGBTQ orgranizations; Developing Leadership Characteristics
  58. Many librarians I spoke to said that they were lucky to get to NYLA this year, voicing they are not allowed out of the library that often. How can we have a speaker speak to that?
  59. This is a great opportunity to expand on the sustainability theme. Now that people have a better understanding of what sustainability can mean for libraries, we could focus future sessions on the more specific aspects - like economic sustainability, social responsibility, community engagement, etc.
  60. Out of the Box Programming
  61. Topics: Legal issues; more make space;
  62. Well, I'd love to see Neil Gaiman, but I doubt that's happening anytime soon. I enjoy hearing from people who are providing services in new and different ways.
  63. The Google presentation was quite a thought provoker. I love those unexpected gems.
  64. You Just Got Promoted! - Now What?
  65. More on the future of libraries and how libraries can keep up with change.
  66. How to reach and attract those people in the community that never use the library.
  67. Emerging technologies as relevant to libraries
  68. emerging technologies
  69. more grant writing workshops, grant opportunities, programming ideas
  70. Talk about what other organizations are doing to stay relevant. More strategic approach. TED presenters
  71. I would love to hear a Bach & Schofield consultant speak about legal topics!
  72. More speakers from Google and the tech sector.
  73. Interacting successfully with teens.
  74. More workshops/programs devoted to academic librarianship.
  75. I would like to see Middle Country Public Library again.  They have a wealth of information to share about their Family Place.  I enjoyed listening to YA Fandom too.  
  76. More programs on schools sharing curriculum with public library so we can support better with resources
  77. "I would like to see more with small libraries, or at least having some of the topics with programs having a small library on the panel.
  78. I would like to see more about marketing OUTSIDE the library and outreach that isn't just school visits.  Outreach for ALL ages and marketing for those who either can't get into schools or don't have the staff for regular outreach.
  79. Talking to performers/partners.  Telling us to find these people is one thing, but I doubt I'm the only introverted librarian out there! Where to go? What is a good approach?
  80. I would love if we could have a program with the creators of the Rochester TBF/CBF and other book festivals in the state, where they talk about creating these amazing festivals and the challenges that come with them.  How to do a smaller version in YOUR area!  
  81. I would LOVE a program where we all book talk a few favorite titles from the year, perhaps starting with a few librarians showing off their favorite methods of book talking/RA.
  82. Engaging students (academic library) and assessment
  83. More topics for library administrators
  84. tech impact on library programming and services; tech management models that work
  85. Intellectual Freedom (again) or teaching privacy literacy to patrons
  86. Adult Gaming
  87. Getting Millennials to use the Library
  88. Bridging the Generation gaps
  89. More on funding options, personnel management and hiring, budgeting, trustree recruitment and support.
  90. Workplace bullying in libraries.
  91. More technology, STEAM.
  92. More on personal organization
  93. More outreach workshops
  94. Information on Civil Service, personnel
  95. More relevant grant information
  96. More actual programming ideas for libraries
  97. Continue to offer mental health/difficult patrons every year - all libraries having big issues
  98. safety/security
  99. marketing
  100. Due to the overwhelmingly lopsided nature of the profession's gender alignment, along with the reverse disparity in the field of men at the top of a hierarchy that is overwhelmingly dominated by women, I would like to see more discussion of how gender and power is disseminated in our institutions, and ways to find more equity.  In a field of 80% women, the amount of men in leadership roles is very disheartening for a young female professional.
  101. Management!  Dealing with issues in small libraries, staff of under 15.
  102. children's programming in regards to story hours, early learning story hours, sit and plays as well as working with your board/administration
  103. Sustainability in libraries
  104. I would like more topic applicable to a correctional library setting.
  105. more hands-on workshops (like a writing or project management workshop)
  106. more female speakers
  107. topic: faculty / librarian communication strategies
  108. An author who writes adult and/or YA horror literature. Anything related to the horror genre, really!
  109. Cataloging trends, what is happening with RDA, etc.
  110. Things that aren't taught in library school regarding management
  111. local history, museum & archives topics, copyright, academic issues, cultural competency
  112. Bibliographic instruction at academic libraries;
  113. Modernizing the academic library;
  114. Establishing institutional archive;
  115. Rare book collection development, promotion and engagement in an academic setting.
  116. School Librarian advocacy and issues - staffing, preps, obtaining outside funding, data collection, Bd of Ed advocacy
  117. Social workers, programs on how to advance your career, maybe even programs on how to become more involved in NYLA
  118. Sessions highlighting cultural heritage and digital collections projects
  119. micro-aggressions, more technology
  120. NYS civil service
  121. How to present (without any weird toast masters implications)
  122. Public funding and strategic planning without paying an expensive consultant who doesn't know or care about your community
  123. gaming as a curricula-aligned educational material and escape rooms.
  124. Even next year, something on the new overtime rules. I was chatting with some who don't think it applies to them. The new rules apply to every non-profit/library/for-profit organization equally. The session should include what needs to be tracked, how to move employees from exempt into non-exempt status, etc.
  125. It'd be nice to have a session for library system staff to share about projects they've worked on with their member libraries and how to get the library staff engaged in those projects.
  126. Team building
  127. Dealing with civil service
  128. Staff management topics
  129. Diversity training - dealing with staff prejudices, need for more sensitivity
  130. Disaster planning
  131. Collection development - weeding, changes in reference collections,. etc.
  132. Staff security and safety - active shooter scenarios
  133. Topics related to effectively preparing and hiring internally for administrative positions
  134. Adult authors
  135. more early childhood offerings.
  136. Anything helpful for trustees!
  137. Anything to do with legal issues, employee relations, helping staff cope with change
  138. Technology and Critical Literacy for Children
  139. Media Literacy for Children
  140. Using technology in meaningful ways with children (a program that would train librarians and educator how to educate parents about using technology ethically, safely and in meaningful ways.)
  141. Bullying and Cyberbullying education - NYS Division of Criminal Justice used to send out representatives for free to schools for PTAs/PTSOs to educate them about online safety - perhaps this is a role librarians should assume and we need a little training.
  142. Fundraising - Sources, out of the box ideas for funding, etc.  There was a program about balancing other duties with fundraising, but nothing about fundraising itself, and I think that is something almost all public libraries at the very least can benefit from.
  143. More on serving the under-served, esp. patrons with special needs.
  144. More on serving homeschoolers.
  145. More on working with parents.
  146. More on Youth Services/Teen Services.
  147. Stuff for people just entering the profession - honestly, it was fine
  148. More sessions on State laws regarding libraries.  Maybe an overview from DLD about budget votes, audits etc.   Since sustainability seems to be a hot topic, why not have several sessions on one day (not CE) regarding this initiative.  That way more people can learn about what is going on and what they can do at their library.
  149. More discussion on services and dealing with changing needs of a community.
  150. Working with the library space and make changes without construction or renovation
  151. I would love more trustee information, but wouldn't mind something geared toward those of us who work for a System, using our database/software to best advantage.
  152. Fundraising ideas for the Friends
  153. Resume' workshop
  154. I am interested in HOW to offer programming with one or no staff.  How do you provide programs when you are literally a library/department of one?
  155. A track for smaller libraries with limited budgets.
  156. More technical discussions.
  157. Conflict management, More stuff for trustees
  158. Adult Programs that work.
  159. Something for directors on working with boards ...  always a challenge and interesting.  
  160. More about correctional facilities and security factors that make librarianship so difficult.
  161. Social service and community development
  162. workplace interactions/bullying
  163. Meeting the diverse needs and dealing with diverse abilities of patrons or users of libraries.
  164. I am always interested in how small libraries meet the needs of their communities and what things are most successful for them.
  165. Productivity for librarians, managing several projects
  166. How libraries can provide for more meeting rooms. How to anticipate what their patrons desire.
  167. Focus more on how important access and funding is in serving the local communities in rural libraries
  168. Preparing new librarians/developing job readiness skills
  169. The Google guy was fantastic! Can we get him again?
  170. School librarian relevant content, would also love to hear some popular authors or illustrators speak on their books or process.
  171. Planning
  172. Grant writing
  173. Robert Freeman on FOIL. Attorneys specializing on library issues. More of "I still don't want to talk about it!"
  174. More for local history/genealogy librarians.
  175. More authors networking, vendor raffles and interaction.
  176. Collaboration among different kinds of libraries for the benefit of all.  
  177.  IT / Sysadmin topics for IT staff
  178. More relatable youth services
  179. Working with Boards; Dealing with Difficult People & Grievance Policies