PLS Elections

PLS has three openings on its 2018-2019 Board, with the term beginning at the 2018 NYLA conference. The positions are:

  • Vice President/President-Elect  (First year of three-year term; Serves as Annual Conference Curator)
  • First Year Director  (First of a three-year term)
  • Treasurer (First of a two-year term)

More information about the roles of these positions can be found here.

Please direct inquiries about PLS elections to our Immediate Past President, Dan Hubbs, at

2018 PLS Candiates

Vice President/President Elect

Kelly Yim 
New York Public Library

It would truly be an honor to be nominated as Vice President/President-Elect for PLS NYLA Board. It's been said that behind every great community is a great library. The work that our public library staff does daily, welcoming all people to our spaces, turning curiosities into potential inspirations, advocating for our communities, serving as fact checkers, information seeker and so much more. More than ever public libraries are to be a beacon for the community for which it serves. As Vice President/President-Elect for PLS NYLA Board, I would work to foster conversations to empower our members. The public libraries mission is to serve its community but it is asked; why do libraries matter? What are the barriers that we face? How can we continue to make a difference and do more? As President, I'm interested in exploring these questions with our members. My work within the New York Public Library as Adult Programming Specialist and as previous President of RASS gives me great experience in curating programs. My experiences along with my commitment to professional engagement and public service are assets for one desiring to be Vice President/President-Elect for PLS NYLA Board. 

First Year Director

Amanda McCormick
Hamburg Public Library


I am currently a part-time librarian, serving both the Hamburg and the Lake Shore branches in Buffalo, NY.  I am also active in the librarian community, serving on the WNYLRC Resource Sharing Committee and the Librarians’ Association contract negotiation committee. I was recently accepted on the WNYLRC CE committee. In 2017, I traveled to Albany with the BECPL to show support for library funding.  To keep up on trends and find new ideas, I have attended the past 2 NYLA Conferences and take advantage of the webinars on WebJunction.

I am a career changer. As a matter of background, prior to earning my MLS, I practiced law for approximately 6 years. I transitioned from the legal field to development/fundraising at the University at Buffalo after I had children. I worked as a researcher and eventually as the Assistant Director of Prospect Research. In the fall of 2012, I enrolled in the MLS program at UB, fulfilling a lifelong aspiration. I earned my MLS in 2014. 

Thank you in advance for considering my candidacy.


Margo Gustina
Southern Tier Library System

Currently, I am the treasurer of the NYLA Public Library Section. I believe that PLS is beneficial to public library people around the state, and also, that we can do better. With an additional term, I will be able to focus on providing the information and resources PLS members need to make great innovations happen - instead of learning how the fiscal years interact, acclimating myself to the reimbursement system, or gaining clarity on what is a hard and fast rule, and what is a past practice with the flexibility to change. Vote for me if, as a member, you want us to actively spend down our balance in service to our mission and your needs in the areas of continuing education, scholarships & awards, and support for new statewide initiatives that support your work. If you prefer a more fiscally conservative PLS, don't vote for me. If I am not elected, I am committed to assisting the new treasurer in getting over the learning curve in the shortest amount of time possible for a smooth transition and a productive term. 


Sarah Potwin
Niagara Falls Public Library

Colleagues, friends  and Public Library Services co-horts,

I am proud to stand for election to the New York Library Association's  (NYLA) Public Library Services division, running to be your 2018-2020 PLS Treasurer.  Currently, I have the privilege to work as the Executive Library Director of the Niagara Falls Public Library (Nioga), a position which I have held since  July 2017.  I have worked with many of you through my previous library administrative experiences in the communities of Lagrange (Mid Hudson) and Massena (North Country). Through my NYLA conference volunteer experiences,  I have met many of you while handing out conference badges and visiting the PLS booth on the conference floor. With pride, I am a  card-carrying NYLA member since 2000 and a member of  ALA.  I look forward to best serving you by being focused on one office held at one time.  

A born and raised Canuck, from Cornwall, Ontario,  just north of the  St Lawrence River on the Northern New York border, I have attended a tri-lingual high school where courses were taught in English/French and Mohawk. I have a BA Hons degree from the Université d'Ottawa,  a bilingual (French and English) university, and an MLIS from the University of Alberta. One thing I can attest to is that I am adept at learning other cultures and perspectives, respecting differences, communicating clearly and finding common ground in which to base a resolution.  This skill is often relied upon in my daily work-life as a library administrator;  when dealing with patrons, unions reps, city departments or state representatives. I feel that this is a core component of being part of a team, a team which will represent you. 

Additionally, I have applied and been accepted to the NYLA Leadership and Management Academy.
While I cannot claim to be a certified professional accountant,   accounting is one of my passions (yes, that is possible).  I eat expense projection charts for breakfast.  I love numbers. I love seeing their patterns and how they can positively impact a library's services to their community. I love that numbers induce clarity and provide for transparency and community trust.  
NYLA is a dynamic leader in embracing  change while finding solutions to advocate for. Spurred on by my experiences with budget cutbacks, creative efforts to seek out alternative funding and discovering internal theft,  I feel qualified to carry out the duties as your treasurer.  I pledge to represent you with the same gusto as your PLS Treasurer as I do in my daily tasks as a Library Director.

I encourage you to contact me @ with your ideas, and concerns.  In summation, please use your vote in this election.  Casting your  'X" on the ballot, either for me or for any other candidate is the privilege of democracy.  Your vote allows you a voice. Speak up.