2015 Conference Program Descriptions

Friday, October 23

Program Slot #3, 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Public Services for the Formerly Incarcerated

Sponsors: CORT / PLS, RLSP
The New York Public Library's Correctional Services Team serves thousands of justice-involved people each year, both on the inside and the outside. With this experience behind them, the speakers share how public libraries can better serve this group. Practical methods of approaching the population will be shared.
Track: User Services
Sarah Ball, Managing Librarian, NY Public Library [photo at left]
Emily Jacobson, Correctional Librarian, NYPL
Louise Stamp, Outreach Services Asst., NYPL
Lauren Restivo, Outreach Services Asst., NYPL [photo at right]


Meaningful Personnel Evaluations

Sponsor: LAMS
Learn how to go beyond the standard performance evaluation to make it the most important and meaningful process in the development of your Library.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Evelyn Neale, William K. Sanford Town Library


Simple Strategic Planning

Sponsor: LTA
Lauren Moore and Ron Kirsop, from the Pioneer Library System, have developed a simple strategic planning process that any library can implement.  With just a few tools, you can solicit input from your community, staff, and board to create a meaningful strategic plan. The key elements of the process include aspiration-oriented focus groups, a simple community survey, and discussions with internal members of the library. This presentation will explain the evolution of their model, the elements applied during the planning stages, the responsibilities of all parties involved, and how this model promotes future planning.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Lauren Moore, Pioneer Library System
Ron Kirsop, Pioneer Library System

Getting a Library Job

Sponsor: NMES
This popular program is back! Learn how to clean up your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and polish your cover letter. Hear from professionals in the field and get advice on what they look for before and during the interview process.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Arianna Grassia, Hastings-On-Hudson UFSD
Elaine Provenzano, Manhattanville College
Sara Dallas, Southern Adirondack Library System

Creating the Future - a 2020 Vision Update

Sponsors: NYSED- NYSL, DLD
An update on the implementation of the recommendations in Creating the Future: a 2020 Vision and Plan for Library Service in New York State.  Join the members of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries and other library and education leaders from across the state for a lively discussion.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Jaqueline Thresher, Chairperson- Regents Advisory Council on Libraries

Care & Feeding of Book Clubs

Sponsor: RASS
A look at the various ways book clubs can be organized, why one book club did not work, and what the essential ingredients are for a successful book club. Examples from public libraries and Le Moyne College library on how and why their book clubs survive and succeed.
Track: User Services
Julia E. Schult, Baldwinsville Public Library
Kari Zhe-Heimerman, Noreen Reale Falcone Library, Le Moyne College

#Makeithappen in the Library

Sponsors: SLSA / SSL
Explore Project ECS@ESC: Encouraging Connections through STEM at the Environmental Science Center (ESC) funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grants for Libraries. The purpose of Project ECS@ESC is to develop a digital depository of instructional materials and digital resources that connect the inquiry-based instructional content and programs of the ESC to K-12 students in their classrooms. The second project, funded by the United States Department of Education's Innovative Approaches to Literacy Grant, is Libraries Build Learners (LBL).  The LBL project will focus on improving the literacy skills of students in grades PreK-2 by building their prior knowledge through targeted school investment in high-quality school library collections; educator training in how to select informational texts to develop prior knowledge; and increasing parental involvement in their child's literacy development.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Melissa Jacobs Israel, New York City School Library System
Leanne Ellis, New York City School Library System

We Hope You Had an Amazing Experience: Rudi Weiss Lecture

Sponsors: SMART / YSS
The public library is brought to life by the community. Through collaboration, partnerships, programming for all ages, and above all, excellent and human customer service, the public library needs to give the community an experience they won't forget. Justin Hoenke, (Coordinator of Teen Services and Manager of the 2nd Floor at the Chattanooga Public Library) will share ideas and real life examples about how public libraries can offer their communities services and experiences that best fit their current needs.
Track: User Services
Justin Hoenke, Benson Memorial Library

Powerful Portfolios

Sponsors: SSL / SLSA
Powerful Portfolios is an advocacy and instructional designed PD. School librarians will develop an understanding of the importance of a digital portfolio for advocacy and instructional purposes. Participants will also see the instructional implications of a digital portfolio as it pertains to facilitating collaboration. During the workshop, participants will be exposed to methods which engage library stakeholders in order to support a successful learning community and an active, thriving library.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Tracey Wong, P.S. 54 Fordham Bedford Academy

Program Slot #4, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Embedded Librarianship

Sponsors: ASLS / RASS
Academic librarians are increasingly playing a role in the teaching and research process for students and faculty. Learn how librarians are active in the classroom and becoming partners in research.
Track: User Services
Jessica Clemons, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
Tinamarie Vella, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
Barbara Gray, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Getting International Language Materials Your Customers Want!

Sponsors: ESRT / RASS
Where to find print, multimedia, and e-materials in the languages you need in order to provide the best customer service to your linguistically diverse populations? This program will cover the various demands, type of formats (including e-books, e-magazines, etc.), language learning materials (ESOL & International Languages), and sources for materials (including best experiences in obtaining available materials.)
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Fred Gitner, Queens Library
Irina Kuharets, Finkelstein Memorial Library

Painting in Plein Air

Sponsors: FLS / LTA
When funding was cut $4000, Morristown Public Library took advantage of their picturesque surroundings on the St. Lawrence River by creating an innovative annual community arts festival. Learn how it’s done.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Bridget Whalen-Nevin, Morristown Public Library
Michele Whalen, Morristown Plein Air Committee
Gail Zeek, Morristown Plein Air Committee
Carolyn Noble, Morristown Plein Air Committee

No Deposit, No Return: Digital Age Depositories, An Update

Sponsors: GIRT / SMART
There are many challenges facing the New York State Documents Depository Library Program. The Documents and Digital Collections Associate Librarian for the New York State Library will provide an update on the program and discuss access to e-docs and the migration to a new digital management system.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Jeff Sohn, New York State Library

Social Outreach in a Digital World

Sponsors: PLS / SMART
Social media isn’t just for program marketing and photo sharing; leverage your social media for library advocacy! A brief PLS membership meeting will precede the presentation.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Deanna DiCarlo, Albany Public Library
Brian Hildreth, Southern Tier Library System
Alissa Maynard, Bethlehem Public Library

Connections Not Collections: Transformation, Innovation, Democracy

Sponsor: RLRT
Using Harwood techniques, participants can explore how to become more reflective of and connected to their communities, whether their communities are their public library service area, their academic campus, the company or organization served by a special librarian, or the school community served by a school librarian. Improved partnerships with local civic agencies, non-profits, funders, school faculties and boards, and/or corporations will yield greater community investment in civility, collaboration, education, health, and well-being. Find out how turning outward leads to transformation and innovation.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Erica Freudenberger, Red Hook Public Library
Sara Kelly Johns, NYLA Past President

Explore Early Literacy for Public Libraries

Sponsors: SCLA / YSS
With UPK and Common Core now the norm that patrons hear about, come learn about programs and services that show patrons how the public library is the perfect blend of early learning fun AND education!
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Lisa Kropp, Suffolk Cooperative Library System


Making Space for a Makerspace

Sponsors: SMART / PLS, SSL, ERST
No extra space? No money? Even small and rural libraries can join the Maker Movement!  Learn how one small library creatively designed and integrated a space dedicated to education and inspiration.  Explore how your library can expand its collection with books, tools, and technology; learn ways to connect and collaborate with local organizations; discover how to find the space, funding, and resources; and get ideas to inspire community enthusiasm for a Makerspace.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Leah Hamilton, Phelps Community Memorial LibrarySMART3

Creating Active Library Partnerships

Sponsors: SSL / PLS
This workshop will provide participants with ideas for how to integrate library programs into other areas. We will discuss how to stimulate interest among teachers as well as how to incorporate the public library into academic programming. Using real world examples and graphic organizers, facilitators will work with participants to generate ideas and plan the implementation of these programs.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Mark J Richards, North Country School
Matthew Beckwith-Laube, North Country School

Granting Wishes

Sponsors: YSS / PLS
Do you wish you could provide more programming for your teens without breaking your budget? This workshop will show you how to find, apply for, and implement grant funded programs. A thorough and comprehensive list of resources will be provided.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Tor Loney, Albany Public Library
Elissa Valente, William K. Sanford Library
Lauren Kushnick, New York Council for the Humanities

Program Slot #5, 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

Digital Humanities & Libraries

Sponsors: ASLS / NYCftH
You've heard the buzz about the digital humanities. What are they and how are librarians getting involved? Learn from librarians engaged in digital humanities projects at their institutions and find out how their expertise plays a critical role.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Joe Easterly, University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries

Friends & Foundations: a Merger

Sponsors: FLS / PLS, LTA
Combining a library’s Friends group and Foundation can help with fundraising, advocacy, and program activities.  Learn about the process and the benefits of joining forces from the organization that supports the Rochester Public Library.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Sharon Salluzzo, Friends & Foundation of RPL [photo at left]
Peg Glisson, Retired, RPL [center photo]
Ned Davis, Friends & Foundation of RPL [photo at right]

Small Library Gauntlet

Sponsors: LAMS / PLS, RLRT
How do you lead a small library, strengthen local identity, collaborate with larger libraries, and improve workflow with a small staff that does it all?  Learn how to effectively navigate this gauntlet.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Amy Peker, Voorheesville Public Library [photo at left]
AnnaLee Giraldo, Kinderhook Memorial Library [photo at right]

Beyond the Library

Sponsor: NMES
An MLS degree can take you far beyond traditional library settings; the skills learned while studying and practicing librarianship are valued in many professions. These speakers hail from places as disparate as correctional facilities, art museums, university archives, and metropolitan library councils. This program offers advice on how training in librarianship can be taken into careers beyond the standard library positions.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Peter Nastasi, Franklin Correctional Facility General Library
Davis Erin Anderson, Metropolitan New York Library Council
Suz Massen, Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection
Sarah Pinard, The University at Buffalo Archives

Keep Yourself Relevant as a Librarian

Sponsors: NYBLC / NMES
Are you interested in learning how to efficiently and effectively stay relevant in this challenging job market?  Do you want to learn how to tailor your resume to a specific field?  This Career Workshop is an exciting informational session that will help you identify valuable skills needed to help you in your profession.  Panelists will reveal their winning formula for success, what recruiters are looking for in today’s job market, and how to stay relevant and in the game.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Richard Ashby, Yeadon Public Library

Not Just Another Concert Series

Sponsors: PLS / PCRT, SCLA
Looking for new and different ways to use music in your programming? We’ll discuss musicians writing and performing songs about literature they love, a Listening Party music discussion series, and more!
Track: User Services
Sarah Clark, Albany Public Library
Michael Farley, Bethlehem Public Library

Malcolm Hill Lecture: Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You: How to Delight & Engage Your Library Patrons

Sponsor: PULISDO
This session will show how libraries can foster long-term loyalty with exceptional and customized customer service.  Core customer groups will be covered, including women, the five generations (Matures, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z), racial and ethnic segments, as well as those who are defined by key lifestyle and life-stage attributes. Included are consumer insights that will help you deliver a better experience for every library customer.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Kenja Purkey, McDonald Marketing, Denver, Colorado

Serving Patrons with Print Disabilities

Sponsors: RLSP / PULISDO
Make and keep books accessible by connecting patrons with print disabilities or visual/physical impairments to accessible books, technology for literacy and independence, and meaningful programming. Discover talking books/braille by mail service (downloadable books to 3rd party and iOS devices and Android devices), iOS voiceover, NVDA, apps & podcasts, online literacy, Oral History projects, etc. Get the national, regional, and local perspective on what’s available and what’s possible. You now have access to a rich, free source of content and tools that you can offer your patrons – from the National Talking Books and Braille Library program to features embedded in current devices. Leave with ideas you can implement today, tips for advocating within your system, ways to find your audience, and tools for overcoming intimidation or uncertainty in interaction.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Sharon B. Phillips, NYS Talking Book and Braille Library
Jill Rothstein, Andrew Heiskell Library
Chancey Fleet, Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library

Membership Meeting & Flash Talks

Sponsor: SMART
Membership meeting for the SMART section, followed by SMART-hosted flash talks (pecha kucha).
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Ben Lainhart, Wood Library

3D Printing & Education

Sponsors: SSL / SMART
Learn how to incorporate 3D printing technology into libraries through a variety of educational experiences. The workshop will highlight existing 3D curricula as well as provide ideas for future 3D printing implementations. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to share and discuss ideas with group members for further inspiration.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Dana Haugh, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Meredith Powers, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Laura Costello, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University

Program Slot #6, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Digital Preservation for Libraries & Museums

Sponsors: ASLS / SMART
Thinking about digital preservation? Here’s the inside scoop on the management, best practices, and technology issues that are worth knowing about before you get started.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Edward Corrado, University of Alabama


Friends of Libraries Showcase / Membership Meeting

Sponsor: FLS
Volunteer groups that support libraries come in all shapes and sizes.  Hear a five minute synopsis by each library group followed by a chance to chat one-on-one and take home some of their best ideas. The session will be preceded briefly by the annual membership meeting of FLS.  
Track: Administration & Leadership
Hanneke LaFountain, Friends of the Potsdam Public Library
Patricia Loughan, Friends of the Plattsburgh Public Library
Peter Benson, Saranac Lake Free Library
Anne Paulson, Board of Trustees, Saranac Lake Free Library

Censorship’s Effects on First Amendment Rights

Sponsor: IFRT
Discuss different regulations and censorship issues relating to both individuals and the press, including schools , universities, online issues, television, radio, and international variations.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Representative from the Media Law Resource Center

Creating a Thriving 21st Century Library

Sponsor: LAMS
Geared for libraries of all types and sizes, this session focuses on best practices and practical examples for creating successful and adaptive 21st century libraries, including engaging users, new planning tools, and more.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Kimberly Bolan Cullin, Kimberly Bolan & Associates, LLC
Rob Cullin, Kimberly Bolan & Associates, LLC

A 2020 Vision for NOVELny

NOVELny is 15 years old and still growing! Join Colleagues from across the state to discuss the future of NOVELny, the New York Online Virtual Electronic Library.  What is your 2020 vision for improving NOVELny?
Track: Current Issues & Research
Bernard Margolis, New York State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries


Safety, Security, & Self-Defense for the Workplace

Sponsors: PLRT / ESRT, CORT
This workshop will focus on safety and security specifically tailored for the unique circumstances of libraries, with a brief tutorial on practical, hands-on self-defense techniques.  We will examine methods for increasing your library’s and your personal safety.  This includes how to use customer service to meet your safety and security goals, increasing your basic personal safety knowledge, and briefly discussing how to use the ability to read body language to your advantage.
Track: Current Issues & Research
April McCloud, Nazareth College

The Power of the Written Word

Sponsors: PLS / SSL / RASS / SLSA
Successful librarian-driven programs such as LibraryReads show how librarian reviews can influence the next big thing. Learn how to let your writing muse out both locally and nationally from a reviewer for Library Journal and Booklist. We are all used to professional reviews for collection development, but they don't just have to appear in trade journals to matter. Librarians can promote books and libraries through local reviews, shelf talkers, and staff picks in the library and online.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Kristi Chadwick, Massachusetts Library System

The Mental Health Challenge

Sponsors: RLSP / CORT, ESRT
NAMI’s Executive Director and State Program Coordinator will provide a framework for understanding the prevalence and impact of mental illness, review warning signs that can be presented by adults, children, and adolescents, and explain some of the programs that offer help and support. The presenters will be prepared to discuss mental health challenges and scenarios that have occurred in library settings and to offer tips for what we could do to de-escalate a problem.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Wendy Burch, NAMI-NYS [photo at left]
Shaniqua Jackson, NAMI-NYS [photo at right]

Libraries as Public Asset

Sponsors: ULU / PLS
David Giles of the Center For an Urban Future will discuss his recent work on the libraries in New York City. Through their findings and David's two brilliant reports, they have changed the conversation about libraries in New York City.
Track: Current Issues & Research
David Giles, Center for an Urban Future
Lauren Comito

Lies My Librarian Refused to Tell Me

Sponsors: YSS / SSL / IFRT
Picture books and other literature for children often perpetuate historical inaccuracies. Many accounts of Rosa Parks, for example, neglect to include the strategies behind her famous refusal, and materials about Helen Keller often stop at the water pump scene. In this interactive workshop, we will brainstorm about issues that are either neglected, devalued, or inaccurately presented within children's materials, and age-appropriate ways to avoid censorship while working with children.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Kyle Lukoff, Corlears School