2016 Keynote Address

Garry Golden

Thursday, November 3
9:00 - 10:15 AM

Tapping Your Inner Futurist: Libraries and the Future of Sustainable Communities

The future of sustainability for our local communities will be shaped by a combination of trends, events, and choices.  We will explore how libraries might advocate for future focused policies, facilitate stronger social connections, and provide access to new digital platforms that help local communities become more responsive and resilient to our ever-changing world.  We will start by looking at capacity needs for local communities to navigate key demographic transitions from aging populations to Millennial-led families. Then we will imagine how libraries might help enable sustainability strategies from locally distributed energy generation and efficiency improvements from Internet connected devices.  We will end by looking at the hype vs hope associated with blockchain technology that could empower more peer-to-peer social and economic interactions that benefit individuals and communities seeking a more sustainable path into the future.

About the Speaker

Garry Golden is an academically trained Futurist who speaks and consults on issues shaping business and society in the 21st century.  He has led workshops and delivered keynote addresses across a wide range of civic and cultural institutions.  Some of Garry’s clients include the California Association of Museums, Denver Public Library, Innovative Interfaces Inc., Kennedy Center Partners in Education, Library Journal, Ohio State Library Association, Philadelphia Museum of Art, St. Louis County Library, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Chinese Academic Library and Information Systems (Peking University), Kentucky Library Association, and The High Plains Library Association of Colorado.

Garry is co-author of Designing Your Future (2008).   He holds a Masters Degree from the University of Houston Futures Studies program (M.S.).  He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).  Garry, his wife Ann, and young sons, Noah and Lucas, live in an old, tilted wood-framed row house in the South Slope area of Brooklyn, NY.