2016 Conference Program Descriptions

Saturday, November 4

Program Slot #7, 9:30 AM-10:45 AM

Get Fancy With Your Library Data

ponsor: ASLS
You don’t need expensive tools to gain sophisticated analytical information that can be used to inform library decision making and service design. The presenter will demonstrate interesting analytic concepts and methods as well as provide a refresher on some tried-and-true statistics and how to apply them. The benefits and limitations of each concept will be discussed. Several free tools for both crunching and visualizing your data in new and interesting ways will be featured.  Using an academic library case study as an example, this session will show how data science applications were used to understand patron behavior and needs. This data provided actionable insights that led to a major redesign of library reference and consultation services.

Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Elaine Lasda Bergman, SUNY Albany


Programming with Little (or No) Staff

Every library is faced with limited time and resources, including staff, but small libraries often run with just one or two people. How do you plan and execute awesome programs with no down time? Learn from several librarians who are doing a terrific job of meeting the wants and needs of their communities with no extra bodies to spare.

Track: User Services
Erica Freudenberger, Red Hook Library
Shakira Smalls, Queens Public Library - Rockaways
Gillian Robertson, Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library


Ready to Read at New York Libraries

Since 2013, the New York State Library has been involved with this statewide early literacy plan.  This presentation will report on the current status of the program and show where it is headed in the future.

Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Karen Balsen, NYSED- NYSL
Amanda LaTreille, AmaLat Consulting

Table Talks – Solving Public Service Problems

Sponsor: RASS / PLRT
Do you get impossible questions from improbable, dangerous, or angry people? Bring your public service conundrums to the table so we can share our best practices. We will brainstorm solutions for public service problems using the unconference model.

Track: User Services
Julia Schult, Baldwinsville Public Library

Curation of Open Digital Resources

This presentation will describe how Robert Loftus at the Baldwinsville Public Library integrated open access resources into the Library's Research Resources, Small Business Planning, and Student Resources web-pages. He will provide an outline for considering the needs of your patrons  and deciding which open access resources to include in your library's web-presence.  We will also examine the process of dissecting open access websites, and deciding when it's best to provide a link to the home-page of a site, and when to dig into site elements, providing links within some kind of narrative framework.

Track: Technology & Digital Information
Robert Loftus, Baldwinsville Public Library

Dollar Store MakerSpaces

Participants will learn how to obtain and utilize free or low cost materials for their library’s MakerSpace to help their students create a variety of projects.  Librarians know the value of MakerSpaces in their libraries, but are often at a loss as to how to provide instruction and supplies with their limited budgets.  In this hands-on workshop, you will receive guided instruction to create Google Cardboard and many other crafts.  We will provide the participants with great ideas to build a MakerSpace with just a few dollars and scrap materials.

Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Kimberly Bramfeld, Capital Region BOCES, School Library System
Tia Felock, Capital Region BOCES, School Library System


15 minutes of development

Sponsor: ULU
In 2015, the Education Committee of Urban Librarians Unite created the webinar series "Coffee Break Webinar." The series highlights the current projects of librarians today and makes them accessible to librarians who have very little time for professional development. Within fifteen minutes, the speaker creates a presentation based on what makes them tick the most. Find out the tech side and the content side of how to make your project shine.

Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Marissa Richardson, Queens Library
Lauren Comito, Queens Library
Brian Hasbrouck, Brooklyn Public Library


Family Literacy in a Food Pantry

The Cazenovia Public Library is connecting the dots between early literacy, the local food pantry, and family well-being, and they're doing it all on a small budget.  Starting with an Early Literacy project at the CazCares Food Pantry, library outreach coordinators began to build more in-depth relationships with the food pantry's clients.  Their interactions led to unexpected positive outcomes: adults obtaining their high school equivalency through the library tutoring program; school age children participating in an interactive summer learning program and book club; the food pantry becoming the site for ESL classes, Dolly Parton Imagination Library sign-ups, and healthy literacy initiatives.  Find out how this innovative library team supplemented their small budget with donations and volunteers to make family literacy work for the community.

Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Betsy Kennedy, Cazenovia Public Library

Program Slot #7 & #8, 9:30 AM-12:15 PM

Screening by Rooftop Films

Sponsor: FILM / PCRT
A screening of a film will be shown and hosted by Dan Nuxoll, Program Director of Rooftop Films. Rooftop Films has grown to become known internationally as one of the most dynamic film festivals in the world. In 2014, more than 30 feature films were screened, almost all of which are New York, U.S. or world premieres, as well as more than 125 short films in themed programs. This combination of brilliant, original programming and stunning outdoor venues makes Rooftop Films one of the best-attended film festivals in New York. At Rooftop Films, the underground is brought outdoors. For more information, visit http://rooftopfilms.com

Track: Technology & Digital Information
Daniel Nuxoll, Rooftop Films


Program Slot #8, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM

Friends of Academic Libraries

Sponsor: FLS / ASLS, ESLN, LTA
Friends groups aren’t just for public libraries! Panelists from a state university and a private college who have established successful groups will give the tools you need to attract and collaborate with Friends to attain your library’s goals.

Track: Administration & Leadership
Charles Cowling, Drake Memorial Library, SUNY Brockport
Amy Pass, James Wheelock Clark Library, Sage Colleges


I STILL Don't Want to Talk About It

Sponsor: LAMS / PLRT
Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro personal interactions can be difficult and uncomfortable. Get tips and tools from experienced presenters who will discuss real scenarios and solutions involving personal and patrons.

Track: Administration & Leadership
Gerald Nichols, Palmer Institute for Public Library Organization and Management
Lisa Rosenblum, Brooklyn Public Library
Doreen Woods, Buffalo and Erie County Library


Make Your Library Accessible

Your library is not accessible to the people you serve. There are people in your community with low vision, people who are hard-of-hearing or deaf, and people with learning and developmental disabilities. Find out how you can and must do more to meet the needs of all of the people in your community, in particular people with disabilities. It can be hard to see people with disabilities in our community and harder to understand their needs, so how we can provide them with library services. Too often, we consider only people with physical disabilities when evaluating our library's programs, collections, and facilities. While it's important to recognize how our facilities can be made to accommodate people with physical disabilities, these people are likely the smallest population of people with disabilities in our community. At this workshop, we'll discuss common failures libraries make in meeting the needs of people with disabilities in their communities, and how they can make their library more accessible.

Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Valerie Lewis, Suffolk Cooperative Library System
Casey Conlin, Pawling Library


Libraries, Literacy and Community-based Organizations

Sponsor: NYBLC / PLS, SSL, YSS
Throughout history, libraries have been referred as community hubs and resource places at no cost for new immigrants, the unemployed, at-risk youth, and individuals seeking their high school equivalency diploma. . Collaborations between libraries and other community-based organizations are essential for the 21st century library to remain relevant and competitive in today’s Digital Age. Our workshop will provide attendees with examples and ideas on how to successfully partner with other entities to create a win-win collaboration with the constituents in mind.

Track: Administration & Leadership
Shauntee Burns-Simpson, New York Public
Sandra Michele Echols, College of New Rochelle
Tiffany Alston, New York Public
Richard Ashby, Yeardon Public Library

Increasing Circulation @ Your Library

Sponsor: PLS
With circulation on the decline in a majority of libraries in the country ten member libraries of the Mid-Hudson Library System libraries embarked on an experiment to find the answers to one of the most vexing question facing libraries today – how do we increase circulation? Five library directors who saw their circulation rise over the past three years were matched with five directors who were watching circ plummet. Find out what happened next…

Track: Administration & Leadership
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, MidHudson Library System


Offering Storytelling Workshops in Public Libraries

Sponsor: PLS / SLSA, SSL
As the primary community institution that offers skill development for adults regardless of income level, libraries that offer storytelling workshops foster their commitment to literacy. Some view storytelling as fear-inducing public speaking, so Jeannine creates a supportive environment for those who want to try out storytelling in their work or family. Not a memorized performance, storytelling builds community among listeners and tellers. Each student in this five-part library offering chooses a kind of story to tell - folktale, personal narrative, history, or original. Learning to use voice, gesture, facial expression, movement, eye contact, and direct speech, participants see that these skills cross genres.  In this conference offering, participants will try out techniques and learn how they might structure such workshops.

Track: User Services
Jeannine Laverty, 


The Small Crew Library

Sponsor: RLRT
The realities of low budgets and small staff size can leave directors of small libraries feeling that they can never catch up, let alone develop innovative services and promote lasting improvements in their communities. This program will address the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the small crew library, from flexibility and lack of hierarchy to adapting big library ideas to the small library environment. Topics of great concern to small libraries include: collection development, how to do programs when it’s hard to get away from the desk, knowing what kind of assistance to ask for from the library system, how to find time for outreach or professional development courses, and advocating for your library with your board and community.

Track: Administration & Leadership
Rebecca Donnelly, Norwood Public Library

Transforming Tech Training Services

Sponsor: SMART / RASS
Find out how you can take your training program to another level. Rejuvenate all aspects of your program, including hiring & training staff, designing & building new computer labs, curriculum design, partnering with community organizations, and more! Learn how New York Public Library’s TechConnect program grew program attendance 150% in three years. TechConnect accomplished this by taking a blended learning approach  combining traditional strategies and tech trends to create innovative practices and services.

Track: Technology & Digital Information
Brandy McNeil, New York Public Library
Steven Deolus, New York Public Library


SSL Membership Meeting with Val Falco

Sponsor: SSL
Following our brief SSL Membership meeting, Val Falco, veteran classroom teacher and writer, will share how we can scaffold our readers so the strategies we all use seamlessly become a part of their toolkit when they are reading independently. Interactive read-alouds with picture books provide a wonderful way to help our students practice using these strategies with our support.  Interactive read-alouds also provide a quick and easy way to assess our students understanding of story elements and character development. Val will share some of her favorite books for engaging and assessing students.

Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Susan Polos, Bedford Central School District
Val Falco, Glenmont Elementary School

YSS Table Talks

Roundtable Discussions and hands-on activities about programming and services for children and young adults.  Participants will be able to choose three different Table Talks during the course of the workshop.

Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Nicole Curcio, Pawling Free Library
Angela Strong, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library
Mary Carrier, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library
Christina Ryan-Linder, Finkelstein Memorial Library
Jessica Gordon, Finkelstein Memorial Library
Jennifer Hurd, Round Lake Library