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Leadership & Management Section (LAMS) Update

Submitted by Lauren Comito, LAMS President

The LAMS Board met on February 17, 2016 at the Mid-Hudson Library System Auditorium in Poughkeepsie:

  • Confirmed an electronic vote authorizing a $1,202.00 contribution to the NYLA 125 Capital Campaign.
  • Discussed plans for the 2016 Conference.
  • Reviewed and discussed three submitted resumes for filling an open board seat.  Board decided to request additional resumes.
  • Discussed the NYLA Strategic Plan.



Trustees at Large

  • Frank Rees, President
  • Barbara Madonna, President Elect
  • Edward M. Falcone, Treasurer
  • Robert Carle, Secretary
  • Lauren Comito, Immediate Past President
  • Carol Anderson & Carol Anne Germaine, JLAMS Co-Editors
  • Jen Cannell
  • Julie Dempsey, Membership Chair
  • Claudia Depkin
  • Annalee Giraldo
  • Amanda Perrine
  • Gillian Thorpe