Minutes, May 14, 2001

New York Library Association
Academic and Special Libraries Section
Board Meeting
Monday, May 14, 2001

Approved as revised at Executive Board Meeting of August 17, 2001

Present: Ian Ducker, Chris Walker, David Harralson, David Titus, Carol Anne Germain, Cara Molyneaux, Jean Sheviak.

I. Minutes: Minutes of the December 8, 2000 meeting were corrected as follows; Under Financial Report the word "loosing" should be "losing". Under New Business - Program Ideas. Dave Cossey's program is "Glimpsing the Future" Approved as corrected. The minutes from February 2001 on-line meeting will be approved at the next Board Meeting

II. Treasurer's Report: Those present read the report as sent by the Treasurer who was unable to attend. Members decided that the Budget for 2001 should reflect cost and income for the CE program which was estimated to be $500. Carol Anne stated that the costs for the 2001 NYLA Conference are low so far. Treasurer's Report was Approved. Budget for 2001 was Approved.

III. Committee Reports:

Newsletter - Jean reported that it will be done after May 21st. The mailing will be done from CDLC and Jean solicited help with the process of getting the mailing ready to go out. A mailing date in early June would be desirable so that all nominees for office can be announced no later than July 25th. Ballots must be mailed by September 5th and returned by October 3rd.

Legislative - Dottie sent an e-mail report. Jean Sheviak mentioned that she would like to find a way to involve more people in the legislative process. It was mentioned that an ASLS listserv could be helpful in this situation.

Membership - Cara reported that she would like to do a basket for the table at NYLA again. It will include items which are appropriate to Albany. Several people in the group made suggestions for contents including Dave Titus who will find out about getting some tulip bulbs and he will also contact Barbara at the NYLA office about getting an appropriate book donated by her husband's store. David Harralson will once again donate wine to be raffled off at our membership meeting at NYLA. Cara also suggested that we create a display board for the booth with pictures of libraries whose librarians belong to ASLS. We will include a membership form in the newsletter for distribution by members to others at their libraries.

IV. Old Business:

NYLA 2001 Programming - Carol Anne passed out copies of ASLS programs. She will get room monitors in August.

Web Page - ASLS Web Page needs to be updated, Dave Titus agreed to make the necessary changes. Gail Golderman will no longer be the Web mistress for the NYLA Web Page. Hopefully the NYLA staff will be able to assume the responsibility.

Future Meetings -

August 17 - Board Meeting - University at Albany

October 17 - Board meeting - 7pm at NYLA

October 19 - Membership Meeting - 3:30 - 4:45pm at NYLA

November 16 - Board Meeting

State Library 3R's Conference - It is scheduled for November 6 and 7 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The conference is sponsored by 3Rs and ASLS and will be open to directors and senior administrators. NYTRO people are involved now and Jean thinks it would be a good idea if some people from ASLS worked at the conference.

V. New Business:

Awards and Nominations - Chris Walker commented that the material she received from Kathy Miller was very helpful. We have a list of the Spirit of Librarianship winners and now we need to put together a list of the Dewey Fellowship winners. Solicitation for the Spirit award and the Dewey Fellowship will be done via NYLINE and 3Rs listservs.

Ridley's Internship - letter will be sent out to the two 3Rs Councils(Metro and Long Island). Project application will be due by June 22nd. Dave H. offered to contact Ridley's to verify that they are willing to sponsor this internship again. Lisa Seivert, Dave Titus and Chris will review the project applications.

Nominations - Two board positions and the VP/President Elect need to be filled. Discussion was held of possible candidates. Chris will contact them to see if they are willing to serve. Cara Molyneaux was nominated as VP/President Elect and she agreed.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Cara Molyneaux, Secretary, pro tem

Respectfully submitted Thomas E. Lawrence, Secretary