Minutes, August 17, 2001

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Library Section

Board Meeting

Friday, August 17, 2001 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

University of Albany Library


Members present: Carol Anne Germain, David Harralson, Christine Walker, Cara Molyneaux, Thomas Lawrence

Approved at the Executive Board Meeting of October 17, 2001

I. 10:37 AM Call to order - Welcome, introductions - D. Harralson

II. Agenda: Approved as submitted.

III. Minutes:

February 12, 2001 Board Meeting Minutes - 1st Chris, 2nd Carol, Approved as Submitted.

May 14, 2001 Board Meeting Minutes - 1st Carol, 2nd Chris, Approved as amended.

IV. Financial Report - T. Lawrence

Recommendation made to make budgeted Dues reflect actual income.

Also make changes to budgeted Conference (Cont. ED.) income and expenditures to reflect this years activity.

Question asked: What is membership allocation for sections? Tom to call and find out from Council is the membership allocation "pro-rated" based on member level? Or is it flat?

1st Cara, 2nd Carol, Approved as submitted with recommended changes to be reflected on next report.

V. NYLA Council - Dave Harralson

The lateness of the State budget affects the council.

Council wants 252 Hudson to hire new staff. Executive Director says not enough funds to hire new staff.

The acquisition of 252 Hudson has reduced monthly cost.

Membership has declined greatly.

VI. NYLA Conference Program - C. Germain

Programs scheduled per Program list. >Membership Meeting to be held at the Steuben Club. 1 Steuben Place. Fri. 10/19/01 at 3:30-4:45 PM. Expecting about 20 persons price $6.00/person and $25.00 for the room.

Board meeting set.

Deadlines pretty much met.

We need to solicit Monitors at the Booth and from Members.

Evaluations will be prepared to hand out at 10/17/01

VII. Comm. Reports

A. Newsletter

Chris Walker is volunteering with the Newsletter along with Jean Sheviak.

Dave Titus may or may not be involved.

Next Newsletter due: Information by Sept. 21st. ??? by Oct. 2nd In Hand by Oct. 5th Content: Committee Reports. Conference Information. Treasurer's Report Invitation to Membership Meeting Article about 3Rs benefits Election results. Announce Dewey winner. President's Message Soliciting Historical Information from past members and past Board members.

B. Legislative Comm. - Tabled.

C. Membership Comm. - Cara Molyneaux

Purchased a Basket for the door prize. Need to buy contents reflecting region. Tom to buy 2-3 blocks of cheese from Amish Cheese Factory for basket. Cara checking Museum gift shops and looking around for items. Possibly a book.

Booth: Getting pictures of local libraries, etc for display at booth. Will display pictures of Dewey Fellows. Will have sign up at booth for new ASLS members, volunteers, for Newsletter, Web Site, Program Committee, and Booth help. Will provide Half Sheet flyers on Ridley Internship, Dewey Fellowship and Spirit of Librarianship Award.

D. Nominating Comm. - Chris Walker

1. Awards

2 Dewey Nominations - Board acted to review and select winner. Selected Greg Bobish from University at Albany.

No candidates for the Ridley Internship were received to date. Chris will pursue Ridley applicants.

NYTRO is Co-Sponsoring the Spirit of Librarianship Award. Chris Walker submitted Jean Sheviak as a nominee. The board confirmed her nomination.

We will re-determine districts for awards.

2. Ballots

Chris proposed that we send a letter with the enclosed ballot. Folded and mailed. Board approved.

Cara made suggestions on how to lay out the Ballot to include write-in candidates.

Deadline for the ballots to be returned is October 3rd.

E. Web Liaison - Tabled.

VIII. Old Business - None.

IX. New Business - None.

X. Next Meeting October 17, 2001 at NYLA Conference. 2:38 PM Adjourned - Unanimously.


Respectfully submitted Thomas E. Lawrence, Secretary