YSS Conference Programs

Registration starts at 8:30am, along with the breakfast buffet.
Announcements and keynote begin at 9am.
The first workshop begins at 10:30am.

Workshop Session #1: 10:30-11:30am

Session/Focus Session Description
Focus: Elementary

21st Century Tools for Little Coders

Presenter: Madalyn Lombardo, Tully Free Library

Learn all about hands-on technology and how to incorporate it into fun programming for elementary students. Learn how to use these technologies as well as get program and lesson plans on how to incorporate them into your daily activities.
Focus: Early Lit

Using Apps to Support Early Literacy and Kindergarten Readiness Programs

Presenters: Donna DeStefano and Erin Cosyn, Findaway

Work through how to achieve higher outcomes through curated mobile content. We will highlight top apps for early literacy and kindergarten readiness as well as reviewing skills and how they can be applied using specific apps.
Focus: All

Two Heads Are Better Than One: School and Public Library Partnerships

Presenters: Alyssa Newton, Onondaga Free Library and Penny Feeney, Onondaga Hill Middle School

Learn about the successful MakerClub collaboration between Onondaga Free Library and Onondaga Middle School, now going into its third year. This collaboration between the school and public libraries not only created new learning opportunities for students, but helped them understand that the library is a great place to learn and explore their personal interests. Penny and Alyssa will share tips on how to create successful partnerships, discuss grant opportunities their partnership provided, and highlight the resource sharing network that empowered students to explore their passions year round.
Focus: All

Breaking Down Barriers By Rethinking Fines

Presenters: Patricia Uttaro, Monroe County Library System, Katie Hayduke, Onondaga County Public Library System, Rebecca Maguire, Onondaga County Public Library System

Learn how libraries in Syracuse and Rochester have worked to bring children and families back to the library by eliminating fines.
Focus: All

A Natural Fit: Environmental Programs at the Library

Presenter: Nathan Keefe, Syracuse University iSchool

Does your library offer nature programming? Libraries are uniquely positioned to link the world of books and media with the natural world, and foster this interest in children, families and teens. Join us to explore fun and exciting ideas to engage youth in your library with do-it-yourself nature programming. Participants will leave with a handout featuring takeaway program ideas for implementation.

Workshop Session #2: 1:45-2:45pm

Session/Focus Session Description
Focus: All

A Safe Place to Game

Presenter: Daniel Fadden, TCGPlayer.com

Learn about the program Safe Place to Game, which partners with Onondaga County libraries to run a fun and educational program for those passionate about gaming. We donate materials, hold game nights, and teach, promoting a culture where children can have fun and feel safe, while interacting with their peers through tabletop games.

Focus: All

An Overview of Autism

Presenters: Mardie Ninno and Charissa Taylor, Margaret L. Williams Developmental Evaluation Center, Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital

One in 68 children are diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This workshop will provide an overview of the characteristics of autism and some strategies librarians can use that will be helpful in providing activities and services to individuals with autism.

Focus: All

Bring Them All In: Programs That Work for Both Kids and Teens

Presenters: Stephanie Preston and Christina Stenson-Carey, Albany Public Library

Learn about programs that work for early elementary aged children through young teen. We will have lots of winning ideas from pop culture and beyond to enable you to make your library a fun destination for kids and teens. There will be hands-on projects and activities.

Focus: All

Family Literacy in a Food Pantry

Presenter: Betsy Kennedy, Cazenovia Public Library

Cazenovia Public Library’s outreach program at the local food pantry includes early literacy, high school equivalency tutoring, summer reading programs, parenting workshops and Read Aloud Book Club. This is achieved on a small budget with many volunteers. It started small and continues to grow.

Focus: All

Enhancing Library Services for LGBT Youth (NOTE: this is a 2-hour double session)

Presenter: Lyndon Cudlitz

With practical advice and tips for library services, learn how your library can be a welcoming and supportive place for LGBTQ young people and their families.

Workshop Session #3: 3:00-4:00pm

Session/Focus Session Description
Focus: All

Table Talks

Roundtable discussions/hands-on activities about programming and services for children and teens. Participants can attend three different Table Talks during this workshop.

Focus: All

Popup Libraries and Community Parnership

Presenters: Heather Urtz and Leslie Stolins, Mid-York Library System

Have you thought about doing a popup library in your local schools or businesses? We’ll take you through our creation and implementation of a System-wide Popup Library, and how that has increased our member libraries’ partnership opportunities.

Focus: All

Circulating Unique Collections: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Presenters: Emily Wormuth, Community Library of Dewitt & Jamesville and Marc Wildman, Central NY Library Resources Council, Jill Youngs, NOPL Cicero

Libraries are experimenting with circulating non-traditional items to their patrons, such as DeWitt’s Discovery to Go collection of math and science kits. Learn about the experience of several libraries circulating unique collections. What’s worked and what hasn’t?

Focus: All

Reading South Asia: Culture, History, Identity

Presenter: Emera Bridger Wilson, South Asia Center, Syracuse University

This workshop will explore ways to bring aspects of South Asian cultures, religions and histories into the library through children’s and young adult books and activities. Highlighted books will include those which have received recognition from the South Asia Book Award (SABA) as a starting point to explore possible programs and events you could hold at your library.

Focus: All

Enhancing Library Services for LGBT Youth (NOTE: this is a 2-hour double session)

Presenter: Lyndon Cudlitz

With practical advice and tips for library services, learn how your library can be a welcoming and supportive place for LGBTQ young people and their families.