Minutes, October 17, 2001

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Library Section

Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 17, 2001 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

University of Albany Library


Members present: Jean Sheviak, Carol Anne Germain, Dave Harralson, Jane Verostek, Tom Lawrence, Lisa Seivert, Cara Molyneaux, Ian Duckor, Chris Walker

Approved at the Executive Board Meeting of November 16, 2001

I. 7:00 PM Call to order - Welcome, introductions - D. Harralson

II. Minutes: >Friday, August 17, 2001. 1st C. Germain, 2nd c. Molyneaux. Approved as corrected.

III. Financial Report - T. Lawrence Explained changes of annual budget. Balance forward in budget is changed due to NYLA crediting Ridley Funds in 2000 vs. 2001, changes were made in budgeted dues income to reflect actual funds received and to be expected. Also made changes on the budgeted income and expenditures to reflect activity that we expected. 1st L. Seivert, 2nd C. Molyneaux. Unanimously approved.

IV. Old Business:

A. Programs - Carol Anne Germain

Continuing Education Program had 41 paid with 37 showing. Paid out $200.00 with no expenses.

Handed out Program paperwork packages for Presiders. Includes: "Getting the Word Out" (Send to NYLA) A signup form for handouts. Evaluation Forms

Filled in Monitor schedule

Setup charge for Steuben Club is $50.00. 1st T. Lawrence, 2nd L. Seivert. Approved.

B. Booth - Cara Molyneaux

Passed around Booth Schedule. Will solicit other members.

Booth in great location but poses poor security due to proximity to main door.

We have a Basket to Raffle at the booth, Wine for the membership meeting door prize, and a display board with pictures of local libraries for the booth.

C. Annual Meeting - Carol Anne Germain

Outlined contents of membership meeting which will be held at the Steuben Club. Directions will be available at the Booth.

D. Awards - Chris Walker

To date we have no internship applications. It was decided to extend the search and/or to allow a late applicant to reapply.

E. Newsletter Wrap-up - Jean Sheviak

Next Newsletter is expected to be out in Jan/Feb.

Information must be to Jean by early December.

Thanks to Jean and Chris for good work and reduced cost.

Recommendation was made to send a thank you card to the CDLC Staff.

V. New Business:

A. Meeting dates and places for next board meeting set: November 16, 2001 at the NY State Library at 10:30 AM.

B. 2002 Programs - Cara Molyneaux

Suggestions for 2002 programs are due to NYLA Program meeting on 11/30/01

NYLA wants to try new programming stratagem:

1. President's Programs - a program of broad appeal but only a limited number of these will be accepted.

2. Regular Programs - seven program slots with one designated for the membership meeting.

3. Poster Sessions - a poster display and presentation dealing with a topic of interest. (See handouts for description.)

C. Web Editor

With Dave Titus so busy at NYLA we need to find someone to relieve him as ASLS Webmaster. Any suggestions please contact D. Harralson.

D. Other

NYLA Council Meeting brought up the following for each section to consider:

1. What are we doing about advocacy?

2. What are we doing towards increasing membership?

3. What part of the NYLA action plans does ASLS wish to take and assess?

4. Could the Special Library constituency of ASLS be split off to better serve Special Libraries?

These are for reflection and possible action by ASLS.

Lisa Seivert volunteers to find a meeting location for Membership Meeting at the NYLA Conference in Buffalo.

8:10 PM Adjourned

Respectfully submitted Thomas E. Lawrence, Secretary