Minutes, November 16, 2001

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Library Section

Board Meeting

Friday, November 16, 2001 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

New York State Library


Members present: Tom Lawrence, Kathleen Gurdrum, Sheri Webber, Carol Anne Germain, Dave Harralson, Cara Molyneaux, Ian Duckor, Jean Sheviak.

To be approved at the Executive Board Meeting of February 12, 2002

I. Call to order- C. Germain -10:30 am

II. Introductions- C. Germain

III. Agenda Approved as entered.

IV. Minutes

October 17, 2001 Board Meeting: 1st C. Molyneaux, 2nd D. Harralson. Unanimously approved.

October 19, 2001 Membership Meeting: 1st C. Molyneaux, C. Germain. Unanimously approved.

V. Financial Report - T. Lawrence

Reported that only Misc. Booth sales and Booth expenditures were received since last report. Waiting for NYLA Chargebacks and cost for Continuing Education.

T. Lawrence will review with C. Germain and develop a 2002 Budget Proposal for the 02/12/02 Board meeting.

1st D. Harralson, 2nd C. Molyneaux. Unanimously approved.

VI. Appointments - C. Germain

Committee appointments for 2002 are as follows:

1. Communications/Newsletter Committee - Jean Sheviak

2. Legislative Committee - Dottie Heibing

3. Membership Committee - Ian Duckor

4. Nominating Committee - Dave Harralson

5. Program Committee - Carol Anne Germain

6. Web Liaison - Sheri Webber

1st C. Germain, 2nd C. Molyneaux. Unanimously approved.

VIII. Old Business

A. NYLA 2001 Booth Review - C. Molyneaux

The location for the booth turned out to be very fortunate.

There were lots of things available at the booth. A Basket of goodies to raffle, the wine for the Membership meeting door prize, the computer display of the Internship project, the new display board (thanks Dave!) with the photos of local libraries, and handouts.

As reported in the financial report the Raffle and the sale of some ASLS shirts brought in $212.00.

The only concern had been that the table was not in a secure location to ensure security of the table and the materials. This proved not a problem overall.

Suggestions for next year:

1. Bring a small table and a banner to hold the Bulletin Board.

2. Make the library pictures larger.

3. Have a picture of Dewey Fellow

B. NYLA 2001 Programming Review - C. Germain

Programs were well received. Comments and evaluations were favorable.

We need to emphasize when programs are aimed for academic and special libraries for next years programs.

C. NYLA 2001 Annual Meeting Review - C. Germain

The location of Steuben Club made for a very favorable meeting. >The separate room, with space, openness and quietness allowed for people to feel open to discuss freely at the meeting.

VII. Committee Reports

A. Legislative Committee - tabled.

B. Membership Committee - C. Molyneaux

We need to follow up with dropped members to encourage returning to ASLS.

We need to make sure we send a letter of welcome to new members in addition to the form welcome sent with the member package from NYLA on ASLS behalf.

D. Harralson suggests setting up a Spring program which could encourage membership and activity in ASLS.

C. Germain suggested that for the Membership Meeting we contact local ASLS members to invite then to the meeting.

Also suggested that ASLS could join with SLA and have concurrent workshops.

C. Nominating Committee - D. Harralson.

Perhaps a letter should be made to Library Directors to encourage applications for Dewey Fellowship and for ASLS/Ridley Internship.

We need to decide what to do with this year's Ridley grant. Dave will contact Ridley and find out if we can carry over the grant to next year if no applicants come forward for this year.

An up-to-date version of the ASLS By-Laws is needed. J. Sheviak will (if still available on online) send revision to T. Lawrence for distribution. If not online, T. Lawrence will reenter and distribute.

D. Web Liaison - S. Webber

The Web site will be revised.

Contents will include:

1. Board Members,

2. Committee Members

3. Awards: Dewey, Spirit of Librarianship, Ridley

4. Newsletters

5. Membership application link

6. Future Conference information

7. Minutes of meetings. - Tom send online copies to Sheri

We will seek input from members for web page content.

Perhaps Committee Chairs could help keep respective areas updated.

E. Communication/Newsletter - J. Sheviak

In 2001 there were only two newsletters.

She recommends continuing to have CDLC print newsletters and to have them mailed first class. Chris and Jean will continue as editors.

First newsletter to be sent out in February. It will include solicitations for applications for Dewy Fellowships, Spirit of Librarianship, and Ridley Internships, a president's message, a treasurer's report, and description of the 2001 ASLS conference programs.

IX. New Business

A. 2002 NYLA Conference Programs -C. Molyneaux

Conference themes are Diversity, Leadership, ???, and New Century Libraries.

Suggestions include: (C. Molyneaux has complete list of suggestions)

1. Dave Cossey - Glimpsing the Future

2. Western NY Library ??????

3. Assessment - Check with D. Harralson for info.

4. Academic/School Libraries: How to prepare HS Students for college library use. (Perhaps President's Program)

5. Successful information Literacy

6. Mentoring New Academic Librarians ALA Mentoring Mentoring within and institution Tom will check on past mentoring workshop

7. Marketing your library - Kathy Gurdrum (Keeping your library Relevant) Jointly ASLS - NYLINK

Poster displays to be discussed at next meeting.

B. NYLA Action plan

NYLA requests each section to review the NYLA Action Plan to select and become responsible to accomplish a section of the plan. We have already been assigned:

Goal #1: Objective: Net increase of members, Action step 3. Enhance and strengthen relationships with library school faculty; and

Goal #2 and #4: Objective: Provide advocacy training, public relations, policy development, lobbying assistance, issue monitoring, Action Step 2. Each section should identify one key issue for advocacy.

Each Board member should review and be ready to discuss the Action Plan at the next meeting.

C. ASLS ListServ

ASLS ListServ discussed. C. Germain will check membership of ListServ by sending a message requesting recipients who receive the message if they want to stay on the list or be removed.

D. Other:

A letter of thanks was received from Jean Sheviak for her nomination and award of the Spirit of Librarianship Award. The letter was read and acknowledged.

It was determined that the Secretary will be responsible to retain and archive documents for ASLS.

X. Meeting Dates - Locations Board Meetings:

1. February 12, 2002 by e-mail NOTE: C. Germain will try to have an agenda and T. Lawrence will have Minutes, a Treasurer's Report, and a 2002 Budget to board by 02/04/02.

2. May 17, 2002 - Syracuse - 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

3. August 23, 2002 - Utica - 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

4. October 23, 2002 - Buffalo - 7:00 PM to 8:00+ PM

5. November 15, 2002 - Albany - 10:30 to 3:00 PM

6. Membership Meeting: Friday, October 25, 2002 - Buffalo - 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

XI. Adjourned - 3:18 PM

Respectfully submitted Thomas E. Lawrence, Secretary