Minutes, May 24, 2002

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Library Section

Board Meeting

Friday, May 24, 2002 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Moon Library

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Syracuse, NY


To be approved at the Executive Board Meeting of 08/23/02

Members present: Jean Sheviak, Cara Molyneaux, Carol Ann Germain, Ian Duckor, Jane Verostek, Dave Harralson, Lisa Seivert, Sheri Webber, and Thomas Lawrence.

I. Call to order C. Germain - 10:30 AM

II. Introductions- C. Germain

III. Agenda Approved as presented.

IV. Minutes

May 24, 2002 Minutes not ready will be submitted next meeting by C. Germain.

V. Financial Report - T. Lawrence

Budget column amended to include $250.00 additional funds to bring Awards Budget total to $350.00 and Expenditures total to $7,650.00. These additional funds will be used for an "ASLS Conference Scholarship" to be named later.

With emendation to budget 1st C. Molyneaux, 2nd D. Harralson, unanimously approved.

VI. Committee Reports

A. Communications Committee - Jean Sheviak

Still able to do newsletter at CDLC.

Deadline for May/June Newsletter submission by 06/14/02


a. We will announce the Ridley Internship, Spirit of Librarianship

b. We will solicit nominations for board vacancies

c. Presidents article

d. Treasurer's Report

e. Membership solicitation

f. Web site info

g. Conference programs

h. a Focus on a Board member

i. NYLA information.

B. Legislative Committee - tabled.

C. Membership - Ian Duckor

Discussion on means to advocated memberships in NYLA ASLS.

I. Duckor suggests establishing a list of goals for membership development.

Member Meeting will be held at Hemingway's Fri. Oct. 26th at 3:30-4:45 PM.

D. Nominating Committee - Dave Harralson

Sent out "Spirit of Librarianship" solicitations via e-mail.

Also sent out "Ridley Internship" solicitations via e-mail No responses to date on either solicitation. Nominating Committee (cont.)

ASLS will be sponsoring a scholarship for new members to attend the conference in lieu of the "Dewey Scholarship" which is no longer being supported by the Dewey Foundation. The Scholarship will provide $250.00 to a qualifying winner to help defray costs of attending the NYLA Conference.

E. Program Committee - Cara Molyneaux

Cara passed out an up-to-date Conference Schedule. Remaining vacant assignments were filled.

Cara needs filled A/V Request Forms by 06/24/02 (ASAP)

Motion - ASLS will acquire a foldable luggage cart for porting ASLS equipment. 1st C. Germain, 2nd L. Seivert, unanimously approved.

Amenities for programs are requested.

F. Web Liaison - Sheri Webber

Web site is being revised.

To include:

a. Welcome message from ASLS President

b. Link to NYLA President

c. Link to ASLS By-Laws

d. Minutes posted as Word files

e. Establish List-Serv for all members

f. Link to past conference program reports

g. Promote ASLS sponsored programs

h. Promote ASLS Membership meetings

i. Directors page.

VII. Old Business

NYLA requested Library School/Academic involvement: Set up a "Track Program" for Library Schools to report on new research being done at Library Schools.

B. Publication Ideas:

C. Germain suggests developing publication of a "NYS Directory of Special Libraries" with breakdown of libraries by region and type. 1st c. Molyneaux, 2nd D. Harralson, unanimously approved.

VIII. New Business

A. NY3R's/ASLS Director's Conference

a. To be held in Albany in 2003

b. Purpose: Open it to Directors and Sr. Administrators.

c. Suggestions for Chairs to set up Conference. None made.

B. NYLA Marketing and Public Relations Meeting - D. Harralson

a. NYLA will be seeking Corporate Sponsorship,

b. Increase Conference income by creating a Corporate coupon book,

c. Work on Membership by adding value to memberships through discounts from corporations.

IX. Next Meeting August 23, 2002, 10:30 AM in Utica.

X. Adjourned - - 3:28 PM 1st D. Harralson, 2nd C. Molyneaux, unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted Thomas E. Lawrence, Secretary