Minutes, August 23, 2002

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Library Section

Board Meeting

Friday August 23, 2002 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Utica College


Members present: Ian Ducker, Carol Anne Germain, Dave Harralson, Cara Molyneaux, Jane Verostek (Minutes), Chris Walker.

I. Call to order Carol Anne Germain 10:30 a.m.

II. Review and approval of minutes.

Minutes from May 24, 2002 meeting accepted with the following changes:

Under 'IV Minutes' should say February in place of May. ·

Under 'VI Committee Reports - Communications Committee' should be noted that a plant was sent to CDLC in recognition of their work on the ASLS newsletter. ·

Under 'VIII New Business' should say 'participants' instead of chairs with reference to participants to assist with setting up the NY3R's/ASLS Director's Conference.

III. Financial report: Tom Lawrence

Financial reports submitted to board via e-mail prior to meeting. Approved - but noted that 'proposed' should be taken off the 'budget 2002' spreadsheet title.

IV. Minutes

May 24, 2002 Minutes not ready will be submitted next meeting by C. Germain.

IV. NYLA Council Report (June 2002): Dave Harralson.

Focused on professional public relations marketing. NYLA accepted 'Phase 1' of plan. Library Marketing Network hired for three month period at a cost of $10,000.

Phase I goals:

1. Increase revenue at trade shows. 143 new contacts generated. Hope to obtain 10-15 new vendors from these contacts. For the 2002 conference there will be a coupon book which will contain discount coupons for vendors.

2. Membership. Reviewing idea of creating an extended membership "pay more to get more" (i.e. discounts, etc.).

3. Corporate Sponsorships.

V. NYLA Conference Program Planning: Cara Molyneaux.

Board Meeting:

ASLS Board Meeting during conference scheduled for Wednesday October 23rd 7:30 p.m. Location will be listed in the final NYLA Conference Program. Carol Anne will post information to ASLS listserv.

2003 Program Meeting scheduled for Wednesday October 23rd 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Membership Meeting:

ASLS Membership Meeting scheduled for Friday October 25th 3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Location: Hemmingways, 492 Pearl Street. Cash Bar. Fruit and Cheese tray approved at cost of $70.00 Carol Anne will charge $50.00 deposit (for the reservation) to her personal credit card.


Booth: Cara registered for the ASLS conference booth - Ian listed as contact.


All in place! It was noted that the following items will be needed for the conference:

1. Luggage cart.

2. Extension cord.

3. Duct tape.

4. Spare digital projector (Jean Sheviak OR Dave Harralson will provide).

5. Paper, pencils, markers.

Evaluations: Evaluations for monitors will be distributed at the NYLA Board Meeting Wednesday October 23rd 7:30 p.m.

VI. Committee Reports.

A. Communications/Newsletter Committee: Chris Walker.

Upcoming newsletter: Next newsletter needs to be mailed by September 7th. The newsletter can be produced AND copied at CDLC - thank you Chris! The newsletter will be 4 pages and include:

1. A letter from the ASLS president - including a note about nominating colleagues, peers, for awards.

2. Information on the Membership Meeting to be held at the conference.

3. An article from Dave Harralson re: Public Relations (the Library Marketing Network) and NYLA's upcoming survey.

4. Slate of nominees for ASLS Board - including a short (3 sentence) statement from nominees. A note regarding ASLS booth help will also be included.

Ideas for future newsletters:

NY3Rs - ASLS joint conference.

History of ASLS (Note Chris Legacy has started researching ASLS) Chris Walker distributed a copy of a brief history of ASLS and CULS and also a partial roster of ASLS and CULS presidents.

Possible regular column? By Dave Cossey on 'Glimpsing the future'. Chris Walker will put together a schedule for future newsletter staff to follow with regards to when newsletters should be done.

B. Membership Committee: Ian Ducker.

Raffles: Dave Harralson has purchased 'the wine' for the membership meeting raffle. Ian Ducker and Lisa Seivert will work on donations for a booth/table raffle. Note Ian will ask Lisa (who is in the Buffalo area) to work on local donations. If items need to be purchased - reimbursements can be made via Tom Lawrence.

ASLS Booth/Table: Items for the booth/table:

1. Partial roster of ASLS and CULS presidents with a request for visitors to fill in the blanks.

2. Carol Anne will ask Elaine Lasda to make a poster on special libraries in NY (NPR was one suggestion). An existing sturdy 3-fold poster display will be used.

3. Volunteers needed! Ian will ask Lisa Sheivert and Gale Staines (both in Buffalo) for ideas of possible volunteers.

Ian suggested that at the ASLS sponsored programs - the ASLS booth/table be mentioned to program attendees.

C. Nominating Committee: Dave Harralson.

Spirit of Librarianship Award: No applications on Spirit award. Dave Harralson recommended Liz lane for the award. The board approved. Dave will contact Liz Lane and ask if she will be attending the conference. Note Liz Lane is retired from the NYS Library.

Ridley Award: No applications on the Ridley award - however Dave Harraslon has contacted people that expressed an interest in applying and hopes to have 3-4 applications. Note the new deadline is September 15th. After applications are received Dave will convene a committee to review applications.

Dewey Award: Two applications were received. Courtney Seymour (nominated by Cara Molyneaux) and Elaine Lasda (self nominated). Cara spoke regarding Courtney and Carol Anne spoke regarding Elaine. The board approved of Courtney receiving the Dewey Award (full registration and $100) and also approved of providing Elaine with $200 towards the conference.

ASLS Board: After a group discussion the following slate of nominees was created by the board: Vice President/President Elect - Jane Verostek Secretary/Treasurer - Sherri Webber, Greg Bobbish Directors - Frank Queener, Mary Timmons, Kathy Gundrum, Elaine Lasda, Ann Marshall Notes: · The board expressed an interest in obtaining a director from the Rochester area. · Ian Ducker's director's term ends October 2002 although he may continue depending on responses from the board's director nominees. · Dave Harralson will contact nominees to ask if they accept the nomination from the board. · A slate of nominees and ballot will appear in the next ASLS newsletter.

D. Web Liaison: Sheri Webber. Web Liaison report submitted to board via e-mail prior to meeting. Approved.

ASLS Listservs. Carol Anne will contact NYLA about obtaining an electronic file of ASLS names and e-mails. This file will be passed to Greg Bobbish who will add current ASLS members to the ASLS listserv. When this is completed there will be two working ASLS listservs: the ASLS membership listserv and the ASLS Board listserv.

Membership. Suggestions: On the main ASLS webpage add a note about the benefits of being an ASLS member. On the main ASLS webpage add a link on 'how to join ASLS' - i.e. when joining or renewing your NYLA membership, etc.

VII. Old Business.

NY3Rs - ASLS joint conference 2004 (location not yet determined). Volunteers to assist with the conference were asked for. Carol Anne suggested a committee be formed. The following volunteers will sit on this committee: David Chatham - Nazareth, Mary Donahue - Fulton Montgomery Community College, Mary Casserly - SUNY Albany and Betsy Elkins - SUNY ESF. Jean Currie will be chair and Jean Sheviak will also work on the committee. Jean Sheviak will report back to the ASLS board regarding this committee.

VIII. New Business.

Dave Harralson is pursuing the idea of having an ASLS Library School tract for the next NYLA conference. The idea - have 7 programs in the tract - all ASLS sponsored. Each program would be from a different NY library school and would include library school student organizations and library school faculty.

IX. Next Meeting.

ASLS Board Meeting during conference scheduled for Wednesday October 23rd 7:30 p.m. Location will be listed in the final NYLA Conference Program. Carol Anne will post information to ASLS listserv.

X. Adjournment.