Minutes, October 23, 2002

New York Library Association

Academic and Special Library Section

Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 23, 2002 7:30 p.m.

Hyatt Regency, Niagara Room Buffalo, New York


Members present: Sheri Webber, Jean Sheviak, Jane Verostek, Dave Harrelson, Carol Anne Germain, Kathy Gundrum, Ian Duckor, Lisa Seivert, Cara Molyneaux, Thomas Lawrence Guests: Mary Brown, NYLA Treasurer, Arthur Friedman, Herb Biblo

I. Call to order Carol Anne Germain 7:35 pm

II. Minutes: Tom Lawrence

Review and approval of minutes. Motion to approve by Dave Harrelson, seconded by Cara Molyneaux, all in favor, motion passed.

III. Financial report: Tom Lawrence

We have money to spend. Discussion about whether to contribute to the new endowment fund and how much. Possibly return to all physical meetings, without the online meeting. Motion to approve the financial report by Lisa Seivert, second by Ian Duckor, all in favor, motion passed.

IV. Old Business

Programs: Cara Molyneaux

Review of programs, monitor and presider responsibilities

Booth: Ian Duckor

Wine, basket, t-shirts- give them away first come first served at booth and/or at membership meeting Booth schedule NYLA will a copy of the conference attendee list to vendors for 1 time use.

Interjection: Mary Brown, Treasurer of NYLA Vitality fund once established as a financial reserve. It's in great shape. NYLA want to pay off mortgage with it and co-mingle Vitality funds with other NYLA monies in the future. Endowment Fund discussed, Cara Molyneaux asked for comments from the board- no opposition Comments on historical embezzlement of NYLA funds

Membership meeting: Carol Anne Germain

CDLC will pay for Hemingway's Bill with Credit Card and be reimbursed. (Lisa Seivert actually paid and was reimbursed.)

Awards: Dave Harrelson

Ridley - Buffalo Children's Hospital Spirit of Librarianship Award - Liz Lane ASLS Conference Scholarship - Courtney Seymour, Elaine Lasda

V. New Business

Meeting Dates/Places

All decisions for next year's program need to be made by November 30th Friday. So, next meeting should be 22nd of November? Where will be decided at a later date: CDLC? NYLA offices?

2003 Program - Jane Verostek

Next year's conference will be: Your job, your career, your profession@ the library

Jean Sheviak shares program ideas: Microknowledge/CDLC could jointly present a continuing education program on website accessibility techniques. Microknowledge would cost nothing for a half day. But charge a fee for a full day for fee. Suggested a program with members of virtual libraries communities

Dave Harrelson shares program idea: New program track for graduate school professors and students. There are 7 schools, so there should be 7 program slots. Cost to attend the conference would be a major factor for students. Dave wants students to encourage professors to present.

Interjection: Arthur Friedman, Herb Biblo join the meeting as observers

Carol Anne Germain presents information on the new Endowment Fund. Dave Harrelson suggests 5000 as a gift to the endowment, Cara Molyneaux seconds. Discussion on amount- 3500, 2003, 2500

Motion amended by Carol Anne to 2500$, all in favor, motion carried

Carol Anne Germain suggests sending Godiva Chocolate to the NYLA staff for their hard work in the Capital Campaign fundraiser. Cara Molyneaux motions, Tom Lawrence seconds, all in favor, motion carried

VI. Adjournment

Moved by Cara Molyneaux, second by Carol Anne Germain to adjourn, all in favor, motion carried at 9:15