Minutes, November 22, 2002

New York Library Association
Academic and Special Libraries Section
Executive Board Meeting
Friday, November 22, 2002

NYLA Office

Albany, New York


Attending: Sheri Webber, Jean Sheviak, Jane Verostek, Dave Harrelson, Carol Anne Germain, Kathy Gundrum, Ian Duckor, Cara Molyneaux, Christine Walker, Elaine Lasda

1. Call to order at 10:05 AM

2. Introductions

3. Agenda: Cara Molyneaux

Motion to approve as amended by Carol Anne Germain, seconded by Ian Duckor, all in favor, motion passed

4. Minutes: Sheri Webber

Motion to approve as amended by Carol Anne Germain, seconded by Sheri Webber, all in favor, motion passed

5. Financial Report: Sheri Webber

Discussion about outstanding reimbursements for the year.

Motion to approve the amended financial report by Elaine Lasda, seconded by Carol Anne Germain, all in favor, motion passed

6. Appointments: Cara Molyneaux

Review of Board/committee roster.Carol Lagasse is appointed Historian.Possible “booth committee” as a subcommittee of the Membership Committee.

7. Committee Reports

Historian – Carol Lagasse

New ad hoc Committee. Provided old and current letterhead and a summarized report of the ASLS archives at the New York State Library including past presidents and conference programs. Suggestion to develop an archive policy. Missing documents from late 80’s/early 90’s. Will try to find an old manual for officers and committees.

Communications Committee – Jean Sheviak/Christine Walker

Winter newsletter deadline is 1/24/03. Will call for nominations for officers and awards, possible history report, LIS Track report, retired librarian letter. The May/June issue will provide election slates and the Aug/Sept issue will provide ballots.

***Liz Lane arrives and is presented with the Spirit of Librarianship Award***

Legislative Committee – Jean Sheviak

Lobby Day is March 18th, 2003. Review of the “Report from the Task Force on the Governance and Funding of Libraries”. Discussion on getting more students involved with legislative issues.

Membership Committee – Ian Duckor

The last of the T-shirts are distributed.Discussion of the “booth committee” and possible booth themes: grapes and vineyard?

Nominating Committee – Carol Anne Germain

Names are being considered for officers and awards. For the Ridley Internship award should review history to ensure a balanced distribution among the 3Rs groups. Will investigate whether the Dewey award will be reinstated for 2003.

Web Committee – Sheri Webber

Sheri Webber is on the NYLA web committee. It will meet in December to discuss NYLA’s new content management system. Will update the officers and committees page. Will remove “Listserv link from primary navigation and add the link to prominent pages throughout the site.

8. Old Business:

2002 Programs: Cara Molyneaux

Summary of evaluation forms from the 2002 NYLA ASLS Programs. Favorable overall with representation from all types of libraries. Will add a category for “student” next year. Will use quotes from evaluation forms to promote next year’s conference in a separate mailing. Will target out of state directors and use listservs.

2002 Membership Meeting: Cara Molyneaux

Possible joint meeting with SMART and separate for official business. Plan to keep the same time slot.

2002Posters: Carol Anne Germain


9. New Business

2003 Conference: Jane Verostek

Full or half day continuing education program discussed.Sponsored by Microknowledge regarding website accessibility techniques.Jean Sheviak reports that half day is free, full day will probably be under 500$.Investigate the financial procedures including cost and recoup for the continuing education program.

Discussion of a list of 13 ideas submitted by board members via email.2 more were added.The following programs will be tentatively scheduled for the 2003 conference in Saratoga Springs.

  • The Board Meeting
  • Glimpsing the Future: Dave Cossey; Presider: Jean Sheviak
  • Wireless Libraries; Presider: Lisa Seivert
  • Treasures of Saratoga; Presider: Kathy Gundrum
  • Digitization; Presider: Cara Molyneaux
  • Competencies to Competence, Carol Anne Germain; Presider: Sheri Webber
  • Marketing; Presider: Elaine Lasda
  • Academic Library Consortia, Penny Bealle Presider

(added by Jane Verostek via email 11/27/02)

Discussion of “Policy Statement on the Privacy of Electronic Resources in Libraries”. Number 5 under suggested procedures for implementing…reads that “Library staff will provide computer privacy screens, drop desks for monitors, placement of monitors, access to laptops in a wireless library, etc., to ensure as much privacy as possible for their users who access electronic information.” Was thought to be too financially burdensome as well as ensuring too much privacy for patrons.

10. Meeting Dates and Sites

Discussion of online meeting. Will schedule in person meeting. If weather prevents travel the meeting will be rescheduled for the following week via teleconference.

Monday, February 3, 2003, 10 AM at CDLC Office

Friday, May 2, 2003, 10 AM at Utica College

Friday, August 22, 2003, 10 AM SUNY, Albany

11. Adjournment

At 2:50 Carol Anne Germain motioned to adjourn, Jane Verostek seconded, all in favor, motion passed

Submitted by Sheri Webber on 2/3/03.