Minutes, February 3, 2003

New York Library Association
Academic and Special Libraries Section
Executive Board Meeting
Monday, February 3, 2003


CDLC Office

Albany, New York


Attending: Sheri Webber, Jean Sheviak, Jane Verostek, Carol Anne Germain, Kathy Gundrum, Ian Duckor, Cara Molyneaux, Christine Walker, Elaine Lasda

1. Call to order at 10:15 AM

2. Introductions

3. Agenda: Cara Molyneaux

Removal of Historian and Library School Track Reports

Motion to approve as amended by Cara Molyneaux, all in favor, motion passed

4. Minutes: Sheri Webber

Motion to approve Cara Molyneaux, all in favor, motion passed

5. Financial Report: Sheri Webber

Discussion about scholarship registration fee, report amended to include fee

Motion to approve the amended financial report by Carol Anne Germain, seconded by Sheri Webber, all in favor, motion passed

Discussion of 2003 proposed budget to include a $2500 expense for the NYLA endowment and ability to expense board-meeting lunches

Motion to approve the proposed budget by Carol Anne Germain, seconded by Elaine Lasda, all in favor, motion passed

6. Committee Reports

Communications Committee – Jean Sheviak/Christine Walker

Winter newsletter articles include conference highlights, new board roster, solicitations for nominations and award applications. Other possibilities include a write up from Liz Lane, a historian’s report and an article about the color purple. Discussion continued about sending copies of newsletters to library school deans. CDLC will continue to produce the newsletter at the 2002 fee structure.

Legislative Committee – Jean Sheviak

The NYLA meeting for legislative liaisons is the coming week. There will be a rally on the steps during Legislative Day to oppose the Governor’s proposed 14.9% cut to the State Library budget. Discussion about contacting affiliated organizations that may lobby on our behalf, such as UUP.

Membership Committee – Ian Duckor

Carol Anne Germain and Elaine Lasda will take charge of the table for the 2003 conference. We need to prepare for the possibility of a half or a whole table. Cara will look into obtaining a membership list for Ian.

Nominating Committee – Carol Anne Germain

Names are being considered for a Director and Vice President/President-elect. The first installment of the Ridley internship of 750 has been issued. The Dewey award question will be addressed at an upcoming NYLA meeting. Application/Ad for Feb/March newsletter was circulated. Slate will appear in May/June issue. Ballot will appear in Aug/Sept issue.

Web Committee – Sheri Webber

Listserv link was removed from primary navigation and placed on several pages of the site. The board/committee page was updated. Discussion of the new Content Management System for NYLA’s website. Section websites will fall under the design and architecture of the NYLA site. How to handle broken link issues were reviewed. Concluded that historical records should not be amended and broken links should stand.

7. Old Business:

2003 Conference Programs: Jane Verostek

  • NYLA conference program committee met and reviewed proposed programs. Feedback forms were provided to each presider and presenter regarding their programs. Jane handed out several informative worksheets for presenter and presiders. The final presentation worksheet is due to her by 2/21/03.
  • Suggestion that we should co-sponsor Glimpsing the Future with SMART
  • Suggestion that we should co-sponsor Hidden Treasures with NYTRO

Kathy Gundrum has confirmed the National Museum of Racing and the National Museum of Dance for this program. Will try to contact Skidmore to round out the bill.

  • Discussion about possible speakers for Marketing Special Collections. Decided to try and find local talent instead of flying someone in to present. Elaine Lasda will try to find speakers from corporate and association libraries.
  • Continuing Education Program gained an enthusiastic response from NYLA. Quote for a full-day program will be solicited. Concluded that the program should be presentational rather than interactive in nature to ease logistics and cost.
  • Membership meeting options were discussed with the objective not to conflict with the SMART membership meeting. Possible to have a breakfast meeting with a speaker- a local author.
  • Photographer will be solicited later in the year to document the conference for the website.

8. New Business

Christine Walker is on the ballot for Councilor at Large

Discussion of Bylaw amendments

  • Proposed that the office of Secretary/Treasurer be split into Secretary/Webmaster and Treasurer.
  • Activities and duties of each office were reviewed and detailed
  • Discussion of changing the Vice President/President/Past President structure.Those who’ve experienced the process thought it was an effective progression of duties.
  • Christine Walker will formalize the changes and prepare proposed changes for the 2003 ballot.

9. Adjournment

At 2:20 Sheri Webber motioned to adjourn, Elaine Lasda seconded, all in favor, motion passed

Submitted by Sheri Webber on 2/11/03.