Minutes, May 2, 2003

New York Library Association
Academic and Special Libraries Section
Executive Board Meeting
Monday, May 2, 2003


Utica College Library

Utica, New York


Attending: Sheri Webber, Jane Verostek, Kathy Gundrum, Cara Molyneaux, Christine Walker, Elaine Lasda, Dave Harrelson

1. Call to order at 10:10 AM

2. Agenda: Cara Molyneaux

Motion to approve by Elaine Lasda, seconded by Sheri Webber, all in favor, motion passed

3. Minutes: Sheri Webber

Change CDLD to CDLC

Motion to approve as amended by Sheri Webber, seconded by Kathy Gundrum, all in favor, motion passed

4. Financial Report: Sheri Webber

Little activity in the first quarter of 2003.Ending balance as of 3/31/03 is $1291.88

Motion to accept by Kathy Gundrum, seconded by Elaine Lasda, all in favor, motion passed

5. Committee Reports

Communications Committee – Christine Walker

Summer newsletter articles will include a slate of nominees for Fall elections as well as a call for additional nominees due by 7/1/03. Short statements/bios will be included with the slate; any additional nominees will have their statements in the Fall newsletter. Other articles include “why purple” responses, continuing education program, treasurer’s report, information on the proposed new job descriptions and bylaw changes, new library schools track and list of conference sessions. Articles are due by May 23.

Fall newsletter will be published early September. It will include ballots and conference information.Other articles expected are a treasurer’s report, an annual meeting invitation, a continuing education ad and a president’s message. Articles are due by August 22.

Legislative Committee – Christine Walker (for Jean Sheviak)

NYLA and other library organizations continue an intense campaign opposing the Governor’s proposed 14.9% cut to the State Library budget.

Membership Committee – Elaine Lasda (for Ian Dukor)

Carol Anne Germain and Elaine Lasda have recruited Courtney Seymour to help with the table for the 2003 conference. Dave Harrelson will supply the wine for the membership meeting door prize. Discussion of sponsoring a ridiculous reference questions contest and displaying the responses at the booth. It will be known in September whether the booth will be a full or half table.

Nominating Committee – Carol Anne Germain (via email)

Slate includes:

Vice president/president elect- David Chatham Director of the Lorette Wilmot Library at Nazareth, Patti McCall Corporate Librarian at Albany Molecular Research, Inc

Director- Deborah Emerson -Assistant Director/ Rochester Regional Library Council, NJ Wolfe - Professor/Director Gladys Marcus Library FIT

Bios for these candidates will be ready for the Summer newsletter.

Discussion was held concerning whether these candidates, particularly for the president-elect slot, fully understand the commitment involved since neither of them have actively served on the board in any capacity. They are not familiar with the obligations and processes of the three-year president term. This also raised a discussion about rewarding members who serve the Section well in other leadership capacities (those who have paid their dues) with the opportunity to fill the role of president-elect.

Ridley 2002-03 internship is complete, report forms will be filed by the Children’s Hospital Librarian and intern. 2003-04 internship applications will be photocopied and distributed in their district by Jean Currie and John Hammond.

No applications for the conference scholarship. Carol Anne will post another ad in the newsletter and on NYLINE.

There is one Spirit of Librarianship nomination. There will be more promotion before a final decision in August.

Web Committee – Sheri Webber

NYLA’s new website is up. It is housed by a firm in Albany who provides a content management system for adding new content. The content of the previous site has been migrated- much cleanup needs to be done. The ASLS site can be accessed at https://www.nyla.org.asls. The minutes have been loaded in a news brief format. We will continue with this format though it may seem a strange fit. The new president’s message has been added. The board related that they felt the member accounts were not secure.

6. Old Business:

2003 Conference Programs: Jane Verostek

The Continuing Education program will be a full day workshop sponsored by Microknowledge. ASLS will have to pay between 250.00 and 500.00 for the second half of the program. The first half is complimentary.

Review of the program schedule revealed an undesirable conflict in the time slot of Thursday from 4:30 to 5:45. Both a new track session and the membership meeting are scheduled here. It was proposed that the membership meeting be moved to 5:30 in order to accommodate those wishing to attend both. All agreed on this compromise. Cara Molyneaux and Jane Verostek will make the appropriate changes/announcements.

Cara Molyneaux brought a menu for a possible venue for the membership meeting. Other restaurants were suggested. It was decided that we should have both light and heavy hors d’oeuvres for approximately 30 people. The cap on food should be 250.00- but will likely be much less.

Discussion about travel expenses for speakers. There will be 4 speakers that would not have been attending the conference already- 3 from “Digitizing Special Collections” and 1 from “Wireless Libraries and Circulating Laptops”. ASLS will cover hotel and travel costs for these but not per-diem expenses.

Library Schools Track programs are set. Two schools will not be participating. Queen’s College has asked not to be mentioned at all. Other schools have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity, with deans placing themselves on the program as speakers. There will be no travel expenses offered to the presenters in the Library School Track at this time. This will be clearly stated to the presenters by Dave Harrelson.

A projector and laptop will be needed for at least one program. Christine Walker suggested that the CDLC could lend this equipment to ASLS for the conference. However, the light bulb needs to be fixed in the projector, which will cost approximately 500.00.

Job Descriptions for Officers

Cara Molyneaux has written job descriptions for ASLS Officers. Christine Walker has revised and edited them. It is proposed that the office of Secretary/Treasurer be divided into 2 posts: Secretary/Webmaster and Treasurer. They will continue to be 2-year obligations.

The descriptions for all offices were reviewed and editorial changes were suggested. It was decided that the job descriptions should be appended to the bylaws.

The membership can vote on the proposed separation of offices either by ballot or by vote at the membership meeting. The board decided that the ballot should go out in the Fall newsletter. Christine Walker will formalize and prepare proposed changes for the 2003 ballot.

7. New Business

Non-regular attendance of board members was reviewed. The bylaws state that those board members who are absent without acceptable excuse from two board meetings “Shall be replaced”. Although the board has never enforced this bylaw, they will make a concerted effort to do so with the next elected board. For the remainder of the term, no one will be penalized for this year’s unexcused absences. There will be an announcement about this bylaw in the next newsletter.

8. Adjournment

At 2:30 Sheri Webber motioned to adjourn, Kathy Gundrum seconded, all in favor, motion passed

Submitted by Sheri Webber on 5/9/03.