Sustainable, Resilient, Regenerative

A Strategy for the Future of New York's Libraries

NYLA's Sustainability Initiative provides New York's library leaders with time and resources to articulate how libraries adapt to our changing world while, as co-creators, shape strategies that ensure libraries remain vital, rebound from disruption, and provide on-going value to the communities they serve.


This just in:


Custom Benchmarks for creating Sustainable Academic Libraries have been developed and we’re looking for a few libraries to serve as beta testers. The goal is to begin the pilot program toward the end of May. This is a fantastic opportunity to form partnerships around sustainability starting from within the college environment and reaching out to the community at large. Provide feedback on your experience using the Benchmarks.

Areas of assessment include: Setting the Stage, Campus Involvement, Community Engagement, Social Well Being & Resiliency, Financial Sustainability, Collections and Services, Environmental Stewardship

To volunteer as a beta tester for the NYLA-SI Academic Library Benchmarks please send an email to by April 30.


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