Minutes, August 22, 2003

New York Library Association
Academic and Special Libraries Section
Executive Board Meeting
Friday, August 22 2003

SUNY Albany Science Library

Albany, New York

Attending: Sheri Webber, Jane Verostek, Carol Anne Germain, Jean Sheviak, Karen Campbell, Cara Molyneaux, Christine Walker, Elaine Lasda, Dave Harrelson

1. Call to order at 10:11 AM

2. Agenda: Cara Molyneaux

Motion to approve by Elaine Lasda, seconded by Sheri Webber, all in favor, motion passed

3. Minutes: Sheri Webber

Motion to approve as read by Jane Verostek, seconded by Cara Molyneaux, all in favor, motion passed

4. Financial Report: Sheri Webber

Second quarter report for 2003. Ending balance as of 6/30/03 is $11442.45.Discussion of the 2000 Ridley award, which was never paid to the recipient. It will be paid from this year’s budget.

Financial Report accepted.

5. Committee Reports

Communications Committee–Christine Walker

Fall newsletter will be published early September. It will include ballots, bylaw changes, candidate bios, treasurer’s report, annual meeting announcement, and articles on the continuing education workshop, the academic director’s conference, as well as one by Jean Curry.

Guest Speaker arrives: Diane Courtney, President of NYLA

  • Diane discusses her priority of increasing membership and creating unity among library types.
  • She asked if we felt conference programming should be broader or more focused. The reaction was mixed.
  • Emphasized that student dues do not affect first year dues.
  • Discussed automatic renewal of membership via the website.
  • Proposed a new composition of NYLA council from 6 section reps and 3 councilors at large to 6 councilors at large with staggering terms to reduce turnover and training costs.
  • Lama petitioned to become a section.
  • Poll for input on director’s search was thought to be ineffective. Discussion of the ideal characteristics of the new director.
  • Susan Keitel requests that donations be made to the NYLA mortgage fund for her retirement.

Legislative Committee – Jean Sheviak

Meetings are scheduled in the coming weeks and information will be shared with the board then.

Membership Committee – Carol Anne Germain (for Ian Dukor)

Carol Anne Germain and Elaine Lasda have dubbed the booth theme “Your Ticket to Saratoga”. They will put strange reference questions on used track tickets and give away museum tickets. ASLS will be sharing a table with SMART.

Nominating Committee – Carol Anne Germain (via email)

There were six application competing for the Ridley 2003-04 award. The New York Supreme Court Library won in order to support a migration.

Adeena Mulligan from Syracuse has been awarded the conference scholarship.

Dave Harrelson was awarded the Spirit of Librarianship award.

Web Committee – Sheri Webber

Nothing new to report

NYLA Council – Cara Molyneaux

The council discussed the director’s retirement, the member’s clicks functionality of the website, and the endowment fund.

6. Old Business:

2003 Conference Programs: Jane Verostek

  • Need Monitors- it was suggested that candidates and award winners be tapped for their participation.
  • Cara Molyneaux announced that the membership meeting would take place from 5-6:30 on the 6th at Lillian’s on Broadway. The board meeting will be on the 5th from 7-9 pm.
  • All deadlines have been met for the 2003 conference.
  • Jane Verostek will bring a laptop and projector; CDLC will make theirs available as a backup.
  • Jane will handle the photography since she will attend all of the programs.
  • Jane will prepare evaluation forms.

Library School Track- Dave Harrelson

  • Presenters will bring their own laptop and projectors.
  • Dave Harrelson is designing flyers to be handed out announcing the library school track schedule.
  • Although Dave Harrelson has volunteered to man the organization of the library school track, the board unanimously agreed that he could hold the post indefinitely.

Director’s Conference – Jean Sheviak

  • Biennial conference sponsored by ASLS and the 3R’s/NYTRO.
  • It was held in Syracuse and presented the theme of Assessment and Middle states.

Job Descriptions

  • Next year a discussion should be held to decide if the President should be on the NYLA council.
  • A manual should be assembled to facilitate transition of officers.

7. New Business

Advertising in the newsletter was discussed. Cara Molyneaux will call the NYLA office to find out about law and policy regarding advertising. The issue will be put on the agenda of the membership meeting.

Manual was discussed. Jean Sheviak will compile information into a 3-ringed binder. It will include job descriptions, committee descriptions, award descriptions with forms, a list of previous award winners, history with past and present board members, bylaws, webmaster responsibilities, treasurer responsibilities and forms. It was moved by Carol Anne Germain and seconded by Sheri Webber to have the CDLC print and reproduce the manual.

Since there will be little opportunity between our next meeting and the first 2004 conference deadline and since the incoming conference chair will have no experience, the board decided to be prepared to discuss conference ideas at the board meeting on November 5th.

8. Adjournment

At 2:20 Sheri Webber motioned to adjourn, Carol Anne Germain seconded, all in favor, motion passed

Submitted by Sheri Webber on 8/27/03.