Minutes, November 5, 2003

New York Library Association
Academic and Special Libraries Section
Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday, Nov 5, 2003
Prime Hotel
Saratoga Springs, New York


Attending: Sheri Webber, Jane Verostek, Carol Anne Germain, Jean Sheviak, Gail Staines, Cara Molyneaux, Christine Walker, Elaine Lasda, Dave Chathau, Frank Queener, Ian Duckor, Karen Cannell, Adina Mulliken

1. Call to order at 7:10 PM

2. Agenda:

Skipped motion to approve

3. Minutes:Sheri Webber

Motion to approve as amended by Elaine Lasda, seconded by Jane Verostek, all in favor, motion passed

4. Financial Report:Sheri Webber

Third quarter report for 2003. Ending balance as of 9/30/03 is $10574.46. Motion to pay an extra $100 to the 2003 scholarship winner in addition to the conference registration since the website indicates this by Frank Queener, seconded by Carol Anne Germain, motion passed.

Financial Report accepted.


5. Committee Reports

·Communications Committee – Christine Walker 

The contents of the January/February will be decided at the next board meeting. 

·Legislative Committee – Jean Sheviak

Encouraged to visit the Legistative Committee’s booth and let issues be known.

·Membership Committee – Ian Duckor encourages board to offer suggestions concerning membership. Carol Anne Germain described the booth which has the theme “Your ticket to Saratoga”. She also explained the procedure for prize drawings and door prize give-aways. ASLS will not be sharing a table with SMART.

·Nominating Committee – Carol Anne Germain 

Discussion of Ridley Book Bindery Internship. Will investigate which years we have received a check from Ridley and which years disbursements were made.

·Web Committee – Sheri Webber

Adina Mulliken has agreed to be our new Web Committee Chair

·NYLA Council – Cara Molyneaux

Encouraged to use the member clicks functionality of the website.Discussion of ASLS/NYTRO Academic Director’s Conference that was highly successful. Discussion of the NYLA membership campaign where each section was to ask new members to write on their membership form that “X section” found me. Encouraged to attend the NYLA Network breakfast hosted by the New Members Roundtable. Kat McGrath will be acting Director of NYLA after Susan Keitel retires. An initiative to raise money for the retirement fund/mortgage payoff was explained. Leaves will be for sale, $5 each or 5/$20.

Motion to make a $200 contribution to the Director’s Retirement Fund by Cara Molyneaux, seconded by , motion passed. 

6. Old Business: 

2003 Conference Programs: Jane Verostek

  • Reported that there were 926 registrants.
  • $540 was spent on equipment for the conference.Not certain how much spent on hotel.
  • Ian Duckor will monitor in place of Sheri Webber for the ”From Competence to Compentencies” program and Jean Sheviak will monitor the “Digitizing Special Collections” program in place of Karen Weaver.
  • Jane Verostek gave out conference packets to program monitors.
  • Jane handed out flyers for us to distribute containing information about the new Library School Track.

CE Program:Chris Walker

·Sixteen people attended and gave excellent evaluations on the program.

7. New Business

Suggested that next year we collect bios of the presenters well in advance of the conference to use them for the newsletter and booth brochures.

Program ideas for the 2003 conference were discussed. As outlined by Jane Verostek and compiled by Dave Chatham:

1. Treasures of Rochester. 

This session was fairly well attended in Saratoga and very well received by the audience. As with the Saratoga session, we likely would invite representatives from three local museums or other attractions for a panel presentation.

2. Virtual Libraries - i.e. Johns Hopkins Excelsior College and Empire State College. Given the dynamic state of our electronic environment, how could they not come up with an interesting session? Question that needs to be looked into - are there any virtual libraries in Rochester and/or neighboring areas.

3. NY3Rs Continuous Assessment and Improvement for Libraries: A statewide series of workshops.http://www.ny3rs.org/announcement.pdf. As a follow-up to the LibQual+ project, the 3Rs have received funding for this workshop series that apparently has been led by the presenters with good results for Indiana libraries. A total of 45 libraries will be accepted to attend the series at one of three regional sites. Because of the major commitment involved, though, (3 staff members for each of 8 full-day sessions) many who might be interested likely will not apply. This would be a way to share with them what participants from perhaps 3 libraries felt they gained from the workshop series. Possible format: panel presentation.

4. Carla List - "Teaching as Performance". Carla List is Distinguished Librarian at SUNY Plattsburgh http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu/carla.list/, and is the author of a well-regarded book: Introduction to Information Research. Carla describes this session as "a one-hour talk on how to behave as a teacher/actor -- gestures, movement, voice, etc.," which she states she has delivered very successfully on two occasions as of 16 May 2003.

5. Digital items and copyright issues with an emphasis on music pirating suggested by Ian Duckor.(Note from later email)- there was a session done on this at NYLA this year. It's not on the online version of the conference program on the NYLA webpage - but it's in the final print program. The session was Friday at 3:30 F5-13 Copyright issues in the digital age. CDs, webpages, computer software, databases – all digital sources that have copyright issues. This session will address rights and responsibilities or librarians and educators regarding digital materials. Section sponsor was SLMS School Library Media Section. The speaker was Carol Simpson from the School of Library & Information Sciences, University of North Texas. At one of my (Jane's) post conference meeting SLMS said this session was very popular! I (Jane) am sure we could do this next year and maybe get a local academic, public and school representative for a panel.

6. From Support Service to Collaboration

This idea came from the 2004 conference theme: "Connect to Your Community, Your Colleagues, Your Career."Many of us in academic libraries are trying to connect with our non-library faculty as colleagues - and for very good reasons.It seems that the librarians at SUNY Albany have had more success in this effort than most of us.

7. Glimpsing the Future.

A continuation of this popular session that ASLS hosts.Speaker: David V. Cossey, Union College.

8. Program from this year that I (Jane) think bears repeating next year.

Digitizing Special Collections (Maybe combine with digital copyright idea?)

Hold as double session - two back-to-back sessions on the same day?

9. Program from this year that [Jane believes] may bear repeating next year. Maybe idea could be given to NYLA - maybe another section would like to do? Program Title: Marketing Special Libraries.

10. Corrections librarianship

I (Dave) also heard that a corrections librarian is interested in presenting. I would be glad to find out more if enough of us think this is a promising session idea.

8. Adjournment

At 8:47 Sheri Webber motioned to adjourn, Carol Anne Germain seconded, all in favor, motion passed

Dave Catham asked board members to consider volunteering to be presiders for the ideas outlined.


Submitted by Sheri Webber on 8/27/03.