NYLA Advocacy Record of Accomplishments, 2012 - 2017

Library Aid

During NYS Fiscal Year 2011-12 Library Aid was cut to an 18 year low of $79M.

The following year, FY2012-13, saw a 3.28% increase in Library Aid to $81.6M, plus a $1.3M refund to those libraries that were subjected to the MTA Payroll Tax.

FY2013-14 saw continued success, with a 4.88% increase in Library Aid to $85.627M, as well as the continuation of the $1.3 MTA rebate.

FY2014-15 – Governor Cuomo broke with tradition and did not include the previous year’s additional funding from the Legislature in his Executive Budget, (which had resulted in the $85.6 enacted number,), but rather reverted to the previous year’s Executive Budget.  This amounted to a 4% cut in Library Aid.  Through diligent advocacy, the Legislature (lead by the Senate Republicans) added $5M with resulted in a FY14-15 enacted budget total of $86.627M.

FY2015-16 – Governor Cuomo left the previous year’s enacted budget figure in place ($86.6M) and through carefully coordinated advocacy efforts, $5M was added to Library Aid for a new total of $91.627M.  Also included in the budget process was a permanent exemption for libraries and library systems from the MTA payroll tax, and a final year’s reimbursement to those who has been impacted the previous year ($1.3M).

FY2016-17 - $102.6 million in Ed. Law. Appropriation of $95.627 million on April 1, 2016 (includes $91.627 million plus additional legislative appropriation of $4 million). Article 7 provided for across the board reductions of 6.4% after application of hold harmless provisions. Overall, a 4.3% increase from the 2015/2016 appropriation. $95.627 million does not include the additional $1.3 million legislative appropriation for MTA payroll tax offset for libraries.

Since 2011 the efforts of NYS’s library community, and their advocacy efforts, has resulted in $12.627M of additional Library Aid funding.  This represents over a 13% increase.

Additionally, $5.2M has been returned to libraries impacted by the MTA Payroll Tax, and in 2015 libraries and library systems were permanently exempted.

Legislative Successes

During each Legislative Session, NYLA and the advocates of the library community have been successful in moving bills through the legislative process.  The following bills have been signed into law:


Chapter 346 S 3010/ A 5810-A An act relating to studying the economic impact of public libraries and public library systems in New York state. Relates to the Empire State Development Corporation conducting a study, at least once every five years, on the economic impact of public libraries and public library systems in New York state. Signed by the Governor 10/23/2017
Chapter 174 S 3023-A/ A 1094-A Love Your Library Fund: An Act to amend the tax law and the state finance law in relation to the Love Your Library Fund. Allows for a gift to the Love Your Library Fund on corporate and personal income tax return forms. These funds will help support public library summer reading programs. The funds will be disseminated to public library systems in accordance with the provisions of Education Law 273 (10) State Aid for Summer Reading Programs. Signed by Governor, 8/21/17


Chapter 68 S 7860/ A 10364 Amends Public Health Law and Education Law in relation to authorizing the use of opioid antagonists by public libraries for opioid overdose prevention. Signed by the Governor 6/23/2016


Chapter 59 S2009-B/
Article 7 Legislation Language - Revenue Budget: Amends Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2011 to include all public library systems, and public and free association libraries as institutions which are exempt from the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MTA) effective January 1, 2016. Signed by the Governor, 4/13/15
Chapter 459 S5718/ A75626 Directs the State Education Department to conduct a study of, and develop a comprehensive plan for, increasing access to and lending of electronic books in public libraries and public library systems by June 1, 2016. Signed by the Governor, 11/20/15
Chapter 480 S4299/ A8168 Amends Education Law 273-a to make the installation and infrastructure of broadband services an approved project cost under the State Aid for Library Construction program. Signed by the Governor, 11/20/15


Chapter 287 S2857B/ A8852-2 Amends Education Law 272 to provide increased flexibility in the granting of a waiver in relation to maintenance of effort provisions for state aid to public library systems and central libraries. Signed by Governor, 8/11/14


Chapter 247 S2018A/ A3560 Allows public libraries and schools to enter into partnerships to make library card applications and library information available to students.  Signed by Governor, 7/31/13
Chapter 181 S5706/ A1398A Allows boards of cooperative educational services to enter into contracts with public libraries for high speed telecommunications services.  Signed by Governor, 7/31/13


Chapter 422 S7014/ A10147 Amends Education Law section 1950 to authorize BOCES and public libraries to enter into contracts for any available services.  Signed by Governor, 8/17/2012

Office of General Services (OGS)

For the first six months of 2015 the New York State Office of General Services failed to renew the New York State Contract for Books and Non-Print Library Materials, and Related Ancillary Services contracts.

After receiving several complaints from library and system directors, as well as contact from vendors, NYLA facilitated a meeting between OGS' General Counsel; Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Libraries, Hugh Farley; and Chair of the Assembly Committee on Libraries and Education Technology, Tom Abinanti.

Within a week, an initial round of contracts were approved and released.

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